Naagin Season 6 Episode 16 Written Updates 3 April 2022 – Rishabh lifts Pratha in his arms

Shalaka tells Pratha that she knows Pratha lied about her pregnancy but she also knows that she loves Rishabh a lot. Again Shalaka asked her about what happened that night. Mahek says I will tell you what happened that night. Flashback shown, Pratha’s mom told her and Mahek that their grandmother was a Sheesh Naagin and she tells Mahek that she needs to do a lot of tapasya to become Sheesh Naagin. Few years later, Pratha and Mahek grown old, they both were praying together. Mahek tells Pratha that when I will become Sheesh Naagin then I will store the Naagmani in my navel. Back to present – Shalaka asks then what happened on the full moon midnight of Uttarayan. Pratha says I won’t tell you lets go. Mahek tells Shalaka I know how to take Pratha to Neelgiri mountain.

Pratha hears Mahek screaming & crying and she went to the Neelgiri mountain palace following her. Pratha asks Mahek why you call me here. Shalaka says to treat you here. Pratha tells Mahek you shouldn’t have called me here because that night, bad happened to you.

Flashback shown, Mahek’s mother tells her to do tapasya and drink milk at the midnight of Uttarayan full moon after which she will begin Sheesh Naagin. Mahek started doing Lord Shiva tapasya and some goons arrived there. Goons started creating havoc in the palace and they killed Pratha’s brother Arjun and her father. Mahek tried to drink milk but goons grabbed her from behind. Pratha grabbed the milk bowl and her mother made her drink the milk.

Pratha gets up and she takes the half Naagin form after which she warned the goons to leave her sister. Pratha burns both the goons. Mother of Pratha and Mahek got stuck in the palace and she got burned in the palace. Pratha cried and says that everything got finished didi. Pratha takes the oath that she will never come back to the palace again.

Back to Present, Pratha says that dark night destroyed everything and that’s why I never wanted to return to this palace. Shalaka tells Pratha that you need to go back as Rishabh is waiting for you and you love her a lot. Pratha says I don’t like Rishabh. Pratha takes away the curse from Shalaka and she gave her a blessing by making her the Naagin of Naagvansh. Shalaka thanked Pratha and then she leaves. Pratha asks Mahek on how can we find the third asur.

Back to Gujral house, Pratha decides to tell everyone the truth that she is not pregnant. Seema tells Rishabh to bring Pratha downstairs because she is pregnant. Pratha fell down and Rishabh lifts her in his arms. He puts her on the bed and Reem gets jealous seeing this. Doctor came and he says that she had a skin disease but now she’s alright. Seema asks is the child alright because she was pregnant. Doctor says she’s not pregnant as it was a false alarm. Seema tells Pratha not to take tension as soon she will get pregnant. Rishabh tells Seema that he wants to talk to Pratha alone and Seema left the room.

Rishabh holds Pratha’s hands and they both had a romantic moment on the bed. Rishabh puts bandage on Pratha’s hand and then he asked her why she lied to him about her pregnancy. Pratha says you don’t trust me because you have doubts on me. Rishabh’s sister came and says she wants help and Rishabh leaves the room.

Inspector Vijay came and he says that he was worried maybe Rishabh’s wife ran away again. Mahek was blushing looking at him. Pratha tells Mahek to go and spend some time with Vijay. Mahek tells Pratha about the hoodie she found as it might belong to Rihaan, Vivaan, or Ritesh.

Reem tells Rishabh why are you following Pratha. Rishabh says I didn’t trusted her and she felt bad because she’s my wife. Reem says she’s not your wife and then she started manipulating Rishabh against Pratha. Reem says if Pratha won’t be proven wrong then you will leave her and Rishabh says ok.

Mahek finds out that the hoodie belongs to Rihaan. Rihaan and Samaira’s engagement took place. Mahek tells Pratha that the hoodie belongs to Rihaan. Pratha tells Mahek that we need to be sure before taking any action. Mahek tells Pratha that she found the video recording in which Rihaan is forcing Diya. Pratha tells Mahek that she will kill Rihaan as she won’t let him destroy another girls life.

Antakshari competition started between Rishabh and Yash team. Rishabh selected Pratha for Yash team. Yash sings the first song ‘Pehli Nazar Mei’ while looking at Pratha and flirting with her. Rishabh sings next song ‘Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The.’ Pratha sings Jag Ghoomeya song whiile getting romantic with Rishabh. Reem sings Saathiya Maahiya and she was getting close with Rishabh seeing which Pratha felt bad.

Rihaan sings O Mei Nikla Gaddi Le Ke. Pratha thinks that she will kill this boy today. Mahek made Rihaan leave from there. Rihaan sees the hoodie in the room and he went to wear it. Pratha locked the room from inside and she took her Naagin form. Reem tells Rishabh that at midnight we will get all the information about Pratha and Rishabh thinks if Pratha is wrong then I have to leave her. Rishabh enters the room while Pratha was in her Naagin form.

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