Kundali Bhagya 25 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Preeta treats Karan’s wounds and gets romantic

Drug Peddlers puts knife on Sarla’s throat and tells Preeta to bring the drugs. Preeta agrees and says don’t do anything to my mother. Sarla tells Preeta not to bring drugs as they are very harmful. Sonakshi sees this from far and thinks that I won’t do anything. Sonakshi hopes that something will happen to Preeta so Karan will be hers then. Preeta brings the trolley carrying drugs. Shaka leaves Sarla and puts Preeta on gunpoint. Drug Peddlers were about to leave with Preeta on gunpoint but Sameera and Prithvi outsmarts them and snatches the gun from them. Sameer, Rishabh and Karan started beating them. Karan beats Shaka badly for touching Preeta.

Inspector came and arrested the drug peddlers. Preeta hugs Karan. Rishabh and Srishti went into the room where Pihu was hiding. Pihu comes out from under the table. Rishabh tells Srishti that he is not having an affair and it was just a false rumour. Srishti tells Pihu that Rishabh ji is a very nice man.

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Preeta was thinking how Karan was beating Shaka for touching her. Karan comes in the room and Preeta tells her if something had happened to him then she would have died as well. She gets sad and they both had a romantic moment in each others arms. Preeta treats Karan’s wounds.

Kritika comes in the room and she she their couple cute. She says that I came here to call you for the dinner. Sarla was praying and Srishti came. Sarla tells her that its time to find a husband for you who will care about you just like Karan cares for Preeta. Sarla’s neighbour Sudha says I will find a guy for her. Srishti gets worried that Sarla might get her married with someone else.

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