Anupamaa 25 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Anupama shares auto with Anuj

Anupama seeks Kanhaji’s blessings as she was about to leave for Mumbai. She touched Bapuji’s feet and he gave her blessings after that she tries to touch Baa’s feet but Baa did not allowed her as she was on swing. Bapuji holds the swing and Anupama touched her feet. Baa gave her blessings. Vanraj says best of luck to Anupama and she says I would have liked if you would have said it by heart. Kavya taunts her saying have fun with Anuj and Anupama responds I will. Anupama leaves in a auto and Kinjal & Samar says goodbye to her.

Anuj was going to airport in his car but it breaks down midway and he running towards the airport. Anupama sees Anuj and he asked her for a lift. Anuj shares the auto with Anupama. Neighbours asked Baa that her granddaughter saw Anupama at airport, Where is she going? Baa had an argument with her. Bapuji says she asked a simple question so why are you fighting. Baa says you don’t understand the society.

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Samar tells everyone that Anupama has reached airport and she slipped when she reached there but she is alright. Samar asked do you know what was her first words when she slipped. Vanraj says yes she might had said that her Rs 350 slipper got broke. Bapuji tells everyone that Vanraj wants to get happy on Anupama success but his male ego is coming in between.

Anupama enters the plane and she praised the beauty of air hostess. She gets shocked knowing that Anuj booked a business class seat for her. Anupama was having problem in putting on the seat belt and Anuj called the air hostess to help her. A fellow passenger mocks her and Anuj stares at him after which he apologized. Kavya asks Vanraj, What is in Anupama that you are still attached to her? Vanraj says I don’t know.

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