Netflix Special: The Great Indian Kapil Show Episode 8 featuring Ed Sheeran Written Updates

The Great Indian Kapil Show Episode 8 featured a special guest who brought an extra layer of excitement to the already popular show. Known for his musical talent and charming ginger hair, international sensation Ed Sheeran joined host Kapil Sharma for a memorable episode. With its blend of comedy and celebrity guests, the show was taken to a whole new level of awesome, making this episode truly unforgettable!


Ed Sheeran was introduced to the show by host Kapil Sharma, and Ed was seen reading a script in Hindi in which he thanked Kapil and all his fans for giving him the opportunity to appear on the show.

The Great Indian Kapil Show Episode 8 featuring Ed Sheeran with host Kapil Sharma

Episode Highlights:

1. Musical Jugalbandi: At the start of the episode, Ed and Kapil had a delightful “impromptu jugalbandi” (a musical duet) where they jammed together, much to the delight of the audience. Ed even gave a nod to Bollywood by singing “Shape of You” with a bhangra twist. Who knew that a British singer could make a Punjabi heart dance with such joy?

2. Krushna Abhishek as Air Hostess Mona: Krushna Abhishek, in his iconic role as Air Hostess Mona, made an appearance and had a funny chit chat with Ed Sheeran. Mona invited Ed to her village to give a duet performance with a plumber. Kapil joked about why Ed would accept this offer, to which Mona humorously replied that Ed recently performed with Taylor Swift. Finally, Air Hostess Mona left the stage.

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3. Kapil Teaches Raj Kapoor Song: Kapil Sharma taught the iconic Raj Kapoor song “Kisi Ki Muskurahaton Pe” to Ed Sheeran, who then sang the song. Kapil also taught some famous dialogues from Indian films to Ed. During this segment, Kapil playfully teased Ed about his visit to Shah Rukh Khan’s house, to which Ed responded with SRK’s iconic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge dialogue. It was a moment that perfectly encapsulated the cross-cultural exchange happening on the show – a British singer quoting a Bollywood superstar on an Indian comedy show.

4. Ed’s Culinary Adventure: Ed shared some interesting anecdotes from his travels, including the time he ate fish sperm in Japan. Yes, you read that right! Ed Sheeran ate fish sperm. And no, it wasn’t a dare or a lost bet – it was just part of his culinary adventures. The audience, including Archana Puran Singh and Kapil Sharma, were left in stitches at Ed’s candid confession.

Ed Sheeran with Cotton Candy and Diamond Raja on the Kapil Sharma Show

5. Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda: Later in the episode, Sunil Grover came dressed as Diamond Raja and Kiku Sharda as his girlfriend Cotton Candy. They clicked some funny pictures with Ed and made a deal with him to perform for their orchestra, hilariously valued at only 20 pounds. Diamond Raja and Cotton Candy then performed with Ed Sheeran on a song titled “Aayo Aayo Lakhanpal Ke Birthday Aayo.”

6. Performance by Dharavi Reloaded: A local Indian band named Dharavi Reloaded performed with Ed Sheeran on stage, and the crowd chanted “once more” after their impressive performance.

All in all, Ed Sheeran’s appearance on The Great Indian Kapil Show Episode 8 was a delightful mix of music, laughter, and cultural exchange. It just goes to show that when you combine the talents of a global music sensation and a beloved Indian comedian, you get a recipe for pure entertainment!

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