Anupamaa 9 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Anuj agrees to hire Kavya at his company

Samar tells Vanraj to not to stop him because its a big opportunity and I will go at any cost. Vanraj says I have to pay the cost for it, my kids are getting away from me I can’t play this cost. Samar says there is always repeat telecast on one issue. Vanraj asks is he sending you on business class too. Samar disconnects the call. Vanraj warns Anupama that if Anuj makes effort to separate my kids from me then I will hit him. Anupama tells Kinjal to make tea for him otherwise he will keep on bickering. Kavya says I have some work as well and I am leaving.

Anuj asks Anupama what have you thought about your idea of outsourcing housewives for cooking at our 5 star hotel. Anupama gives him an idea of organizing a cooking competition with a reward and through that they will find the women to cook. Anuj says its a good idea but I have one condition, you will be the judge. Anupama agrees and asks Anuj to be the 2nd judge with her. Anuj agrees.

Samar tells Nandini that he has reached Delhi and he tells her to stay at his home tonight. Nandini says I am feeling very weird with you and asks her will Rohan do something. Rohan finds out that Samar went Delhi and he says nice.

Vanraj says that Samar is an idiot because Anuj trapped him and Kavya is a bigger duffer because she left my credit card somewhere. He got worried that Kavya went to Anuj to ask for a job.

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Kavya arrived at Anuj’s office and she asks him for 5 minutes. Anuj asks what you want to talk about. Anuj says me and Anupama are in the middle of something, he tells her to wait in his cabin. Kavya starts waiting in the cabin and she says that she can’t lose this opportunity this time.

Customers had an argument with Vanraj at cafe because they asked for Anupama’s special dish and he refuses to serve it. All the customers leaves the cafe. Bhailu mama warns Vanraj that if this cafe gets close then you will be responsible. Chef requested Vanraj to add Anupama special dish back in the menu and he says I don’t know how to cook it like her so we have to take help from her. Vanraj fires Chef and Chef says I did not expected respect from you because you did not even respected Anupama.

Anuj leaves the decision of hiring Kavya on Anupama. Anupama says Vanraj won’t be able to tolerate if you hire her. Anuj says Kavya that Anupama has told me but I have one condition, you have to keep Vanraj away from this place because I don’t family daily soap drama here. Anju further says if Vanraj created drama here then mine and Anupama,s reputation, my companies time and money, many women hopes and most importantly your career will be destroyed. He asks her for her decision.

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