Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Sai decides to take big step

Sai was packing her clothes to leave the house. Devi comes in her room and starts asking her what is she doing. She says are you deciding the saree to wear at Ganesh Chaturthi. Sai responds no I am not deciding the saree. Devi looked in her eyes and she understood that Sai is about to leave the house. She says that I will tell everyone about it. Sai stopped her and she played a lock & key game with Devi. She told her to keep this secret as she has locked her mouth and this lock will only open once she leaves the house.

Samrat praises Pakhi saying you look good normally. Pakhi says thank you. Samrat says I liked you when I saw you for the first time but then. He then asked her why did you said that I will do the Ganesh aarti tomorrow. Pakhi think does he know that I wanted to do Virat’s aarti. Pakhi says because I did not got the chance to do your aarti when you left for the field last time. She further says that I did not got the respect I deserve in your absence and now I want to fulfill all my duties.

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Virat comes in Sai’s room. Devi was about to tell her but Sai stopped her by doing the lock and key gesture. An argument started between Sai and Virat in front of Devi. Things got serious that finally Sai had to tell Devi to leave the room. The argument continued after Devi left. Sai tells Virat that even if you take 7 births even then you won’t be able to become like my father. Virat leaves the room. Sai says if I stayed in Nagpur then I had to suffer Virat’s rude behaviour daily and to solve big problems I have to take big step.

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