Kundali Bhagya 14 September 2021 Written Update – Preeta brings Sonakshi to Luthra house

Karan tells his family that he has arranged the blood for Sonakshi. Preeta says she had an accident because of me. Kareena, Srishti and Sarla asks her why is she blaming herself. Preeta says Sonakshi mind got diverted after what happened to her recently in the Luthra house and she got hit by the car. Srishti says it has not happened because of you di but Preeta did not listened to her.

Doctor comes and tells everyone that Sonakshi is alright now and she has some injury in her feet due to which she won’t be able to walk also she wants to meet Preeta. Preeta went inside to meet Sonakshi despite everyone forcing her not to meet her.

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Sonakshi tells Preeta that she has done more for her then a real elder sister. She tells her not to tell her dad about the accident otherwise he will make an issue. She requested Preeta to give her the mobile phone so she can book a hotel for herself but Preeta tells her to rest.

Preeta comes outside and tells everyone that she wants to take Sonakshi back home so she can take care of her. Karan leaves from there in anger. Finally after much insisting Rakhi agrees with Preeta and she brings Sonakshi back to Luthra house. Sherlyn comes in Sonakshi’s room to manipulate her but Sonakshi says that she will save Preeta from every attack because she is like her elder sister.

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