Imlie Episode 17 September 2021 Written Update – Imlie confronts the mob

Malini went to Kunal’s house and she requested him to take the case back against her. Kunal tells her that you came here to take advantage of our friendship. Malini says I will face humiliation during the trials of this case. Kunal says love can never be one sided and you love Aditya but Aditya doesn’t love you. Malini says that I am fed up of hearing this again and again. Aditya rejects Malini’s request saying he can’t take the case back but his client ‘Imlie’ can.

Tripathi family was eating the dinner on dining table Harish comes and starts calling Imlie. He says that courts notice has arrived and the court wants us to participate in the trials as witnesses. Imlie says that they are the victims and they have full right to speak for themselves in court. Radha says I won’t go to court. Pankaj says but we can’t disobey court’s orders. Harish says Pankaj is right we can go to jail if we disobey courts order. Everyone leaves the table except Pankaj and Rupali. Pankaj tells Imlie that he is with her in this fight.

Malini requests Dev to tell Imlie to withdraw this case because she is scared. Dev says so you are finally accepting the truth. Malini says its nothing like that I am just scared because if this case goes against Tripathi family then they can go to jail. Anu says there is no need to join hands in front of Imlie as she has made some arrangements due to which Tripathi family won’t be able to reach court.

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An angry mob assembled in front of Tripathi’s house and they started protesting against them. People in the mob started blaming Aditya for filing a false case against Malini. One woman was about to throw a slipper on Aditya but Imlie stops her. Imlie confronts the mom and gave them a befitting reply. Dulari comes with a wooden rod and she successfully dispersed the mob.

At court judge was about to dismiss the case but Imlie with Tripathi family reached there in time. Anu says dammit my plan failed. Malini says I am scared. Anu says don’t worry Mr. Desai will tackle this case very well. Malini’s lawyer called Harish in the witness box and asked him what happened that night. Harish says we got drugged and after that I don’t remember anything. Mr. Desai then called Aditya in the witness box.

Precap: Mr. Desai says this guy (Aditya) is a fraud your honor. Firstly he married an 18 year old innocent village girl and after that in the greed of money and power he trapped Malini Chaturvedi and married her as well. Kunal asked Aditya do you know that Malini Chaturvedi has stopped all the divorce proceedings. Aditya gets stunned.

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