Kundali Bhagya Episode 17 September 2021 Written Update – Preeta shows attitude to Karan

Prithvi kisses Sherlyn on her cheek and Sherlyn says are you out of your mind. Prithvi says nobody is watching us. Sherlyn says stay away from me. She tells him that I am concerned about Sonakshi as she is planning a big game. Prithvi says every girl is not mean like you as some girls are good too. Sherlyn says my eyes are 70mm camera and I can see everything. Sherlyn says why Sonakshi stayed at Luthra house. Prithvi says Sonakshi and her father loves each other a lot and one day he will take her away from here. Sherlyn says Sonnakshi is not a poor innocent woman. Prithvi says live and let others live.

Karan comes in kitchen and seeing Preeta sad he asked her what happened. Preeta says I am thinking Sonakshi’s father because of broke all his relations with her and because of me she faced the accident too. Karan says you are not responsible as accidents happen accidently. Karan tells her we should not talk about her anymore as that girl is not right. Karan and Preeta hugged each other.

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Sonakshi sitting alone in her room was thinking something. Photo frame of Karan Preeta’s picture fell down and it broke. Nurse came in and asks how did this picture broken. Sonakshi says their break up was inevitable and then she says I mean this picture breaking was inevitable due to the wind.\

Srishti comes back home and she tells Sarla about what happened at Luthra house and how Preeta asked Sonakshi to stay there. She asked Sarla what she feels about Sonakshi. Sarla says her tears were fake and I saw her eyes when she was crying. Srishti says that girl is a big fraud

Preeta asks Karan why he did not went to bring Pihu from school. Karan says because mom dad went to bring her. Preeta says huh. Karan says are you showing attitude to the Karan Luthra. Both of them had a cute lovey dovey fight. Pihu comes back from school and she had a balloon in her hands. Pihu says Sonakshi bought a balloon for her. Pihu was about to bump to the door but she evaded it. Sonakshi sees it and gets concerned.

Sonakshi says good night to Sherlyn. Sherlyn again tries to interrogate Sonakshi but she gave her befitting reply. Sonakshi received a call from her dad but she disconnects the call. Sherlyn thinks this Sonakshi is very clever and she is going to play a big game.

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