Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Episode 18 September 2021 Written Update – Pakhi puts her life at risk

Samrat, Shivani, Ashwini, Devi and Virat opened Sai’s room and they get shocked seeing Sai nowhere to be found. Virat sees the open window and then he finds a torn piece of Sai’s dress on the pipe. Virat tells Samrat that Sai went down from the pipe. He says she did this just to win the challenge. Samrat says no she did this to make you understand that you are wrong.

Devi gets very happy and she starts dancing. Bhavani stopped Devi from celebrating. Devi asked Virat why he locked Sai in room as Bhavani used to do the same thing to her but its understandable due to her mental condition. Virat says you are not understanding the situation.

Pakhi started crying saying again the attention has went towards Sai as today in her day. Vaishali came and Mansi tells her that Pakhi was crying because she was remembering you. Bhavani tells Pandit ji to start the Pooja. Ashwini was getting tensed as she was waiting for Sai. Devi calls Pulkit but he did not picked the phone. Pulkit speeds up the car to reach home fast.

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During Pooja everyone closed there eyes and Pakhi intentional puts her dupatta i her thinking she wants to see whether Virat will save her or not. Samrat sees Pakhi’s burning Dupatta and pour water on it. Pakhi gets sad thinking now Virat doesn’t have any feelings for her. Pandit ji says Samrat Pakhi jodi is like Vishnu and Lakshmi jodi. Sai arrives back home with Pulkit and Karishma informs Virat about it.

Precap: Samrat says no one will say anything to Sai, only I will talk to her. Virat says Jiva I will talk to her. Sai is my wife and I have full right to talk to her and question. Pakhi says to Virat that there is no benefit in picking sword in a lost battle, you tried to teach discipline to Sai but what’s the result zero. She further says to Virat that can’t you see your own family is supporting Sai bad manners. Samrat shouts at Pakhi and says why you always try to provoke everyone against Sai, Virat is your problem, Sai is your problem or we both are your problem. Samrat concludes saying take as much time as you want but I want the answers.

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