Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 27 April 2021 Written – Harman and Harak enjoys drinking together

Rohan gets happy seeing Parmeet and takes blessings from her. Parmeet tells him can Simran stay with her family along with the baby. Rohan says he and Simran want to know each other quite well as he doesn’t know anything about Simran.

Parmeet says Rohan won’t be able to take care of the child alone. Rohan says do you think I am not capable enough to take care of the child? Before leaving Parmeet again starts blaming Heer for all the mishap. Rohan says she should not badmouth his sister. Simran says Heer has done many things for Virat. Parmeet says but all the time Heer only welcomes trouble for Virat. Rohan gets angry and tells her to leave. Parmeet calls Heer bad omen.

Harak Singh accepts the arm wrestling challenge of Harman. Harak says if he wins Harman will offer him drink and if Harman wins the condition is same. They laugh together. Raavi sees them from far and smiles.

Simran tells Rohan to apologise to her mother. Parmeet says Rohat forgot that she is his mother in law. She calls Heer kinnar and again bad mouths her. Rohan shouts stop. Simran tells behave properly. Rohan adds don’t forget that I accepted your daughter along with her child when the child is not mine. I did it because of Heer. Heer cared for you all and you are insulting her.

Raavi asks Preeto where is besan? Preeto says we are making Pulav what’s the need of besan. Raavi says to make pakode as we have to give chakhna as well. Preeto, Soumya and Mahi gets shocked.

Simran gets mad at Rohan saying you didn’t do any favor on me by marrying me. I knew you wont accept my child and I was wrong that everything is fine between us. Simran leaves with Parmeet angrily. Rohan gets upset.

Harak Singh and Harman dance together with the bottles. Harak says he feels like his son is in front of him. Harak tells Harman to hug him. Harman hugs him and he gets emotional recalling past memories. Harman says he also enjoyed a lot. They again start dancing.

Preeto and others get delighted seeing their happiness. Harak loses his balance and Harman makes him sit on chair. Soumya gets angry and says how dare he is drinking with papaji. Preeto stops her saying she is seeing Harak’s happy face after so long. Soumya should not stop them. Preeto says seems like Harman is back. Soumya thinks she was scared of that only.

Virat meets Simran and holds the baby in his arms. He asks why Simran is looking sad.

Soumya tells Preeto to stop all these saying Harman is using his name to mislead all of them. Harman tells Harak to control himself. Harak says just one last drink. Soumya snatches the glass from Harak and says he can’t take risk with his health. This stranger is not Harman ji. Alcohol is not good for him. She scolds Harman that why he brought alcohol when he doesn’t have knowledge about Harak’s health conditions. Harak suddenly falls unconscious and everyone gets worried for him.

Parmeet instigates Virat against Rohan saying he is really a bad person. Virat supports Rohan saying Rohan is right as no one can tolerate his sister’s insult. I will react in same way if someone talks ill about Simran. Parmeet tells Rohan even insulted Simran. Virat says Rohan didn’t say anything wrong, its true that he accepted Simran with her child. Parmeet shouldn’t have insulted him. Parmeet stands shocked.

Soumya scolds Harman that no doctor is available to treat Harak, what will happen now. Harman says he won’t let anything happen to Harak. He leaves to bring doctor.

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