Anupama Episode 18 September 2021 Written Update – Anupama gives befitting reply to Vanraj

Kavya crosses the line with Anupama and Bapuji tries to stop her. Anupama says you yourself have said that Anuj Kapadia looks like Toshu’s elder brother and look at me. Also she says 26 years have passed. Kavya says you won’t accept this partnership because Vanraj said so. Anupama says why can’t you accept I have talent. Vanraj says he is just favouring you. Anupama says ok then I will accept a favour like this.

Vanraj says think about the payment he wants in return of this favour. Anupama says what he wants. Is he doing an affair or being the father of three kids he is making a girlfriend. Anupama asks Baa don’t you have trust on me. Vanraj says we don’t have trust on you. Anupama says I don’t care but I will still do it. Vanraj says you have gotten wings after meeting your old crush. Anupama says now you will see my flight. Vanraj says I won’t let you fly. Anupama says if you try to stop me then you will lose. Anupama tells Bapuji that from tomorrow I will start working with Anuj. Bapuji, Kinjal, Mamaji and Samar got happy with her decision.

Anupama went to her room and she started crying thinking about Vanraj and Baa’s words. Kinjal and Samar came in room and Kinjal tells her not to cry. Anupama cries saying a woman has to suffer a lot and Anuj did a lot of good for us as he saved Samar but these people can’t see good in him. She says these people are doubting me but I have not broken anyone’s trust in last 26 years. She further says if I have had anything in my mind I would have told them. Anupama says now I won’t step back thinking about what anyone thinks. Kinjal and Samar says we are with you mummy in this fight.

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Vanraj was doing ab crunches in his room. Kavya came and she tries to provoke him against Anupama’s decision and tells him to do something. Anupama in her room irons her clothes and prepares her bag and diary for the first day of job. Anupama says its new work and I don’t know anything so I will write everything in diary. She says to Kanha ji that I will work hard.

Anupama says tomorrow I will wake up all and will do all the work of house then I will leave for job. Anuj takes the rose about from his diary and thinks about his moments with Anupama. GK comes and teases Anuj about his feelings for Anupama

Next morning Anuj tries to serve food to Baa but Baa tells Kavya to serve it. Toshu asks for water and Anupama was going to give him water but he asks Kavya to give water to him. Anupama says to Baa that she has cooked everything. Baa taunts her. Kavya taunts Anupama on the clothes she is wearing for the job first day. Anupama says saree is the best. Kinjal, Samar and Bapuji had an argument with Toshu, Vanraj and Kavya. Baa tells Anupama see what kind of tamasha is happening in the house because of you.

Precap: Anupama tells Anuj, I know there is nothing in you mind but still I want to tell you something. Despite I am not a wife but I am a mother, a daughter and a mother-in-law and I will remain that. She further tells him that I am working with you but apart from that don’t keep anymore hopes from me. They both shook hands and says lets rock partner.

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