Alia blames Prachi for robbery – Kumkum Bhagya 14 August 2020 Episode Written

Pragya requests Sanju to spare Prachi and in response Sanu says that how he can hurt her as he is but then he changes his statement and asks Pragya to hand him over the money bag. Prachi says it’s her office money. Sanju’s men takes the money and leaves from there. Prachi was panicked thinking what she will say in office. Pragya says they will do something. Prachi says she can take anything, but not false accusation. Her sir trusted her and gave her the money to keep it safe. Vikram comes to Alia and Rhea and asks why they didn’t come to the party. Alia says her hand got burned and Rhea stayed with her to take care of her. Rhea in excitement asks Vikram if he talked to Prachi. Alia interferes and says she was calling. Vikram checks his phone and sees a miss call. He calls her back, but she doesn’t answer. After Vikram leaves, Alia tells Rhea to keep this as a surprise. Tomorrow in press conference, she will bring out this topic and everything will come out.

Pragya and Prachi were at the police station. They say 3 men came and they were on bike. An officer says he will contact them if there is any news. Prachi asks how long will it take. The officer says they will try their best. Prachi thinks of informing this to Vikram, but they don’t have their phones. Pragya says call after reaching home. Ranbir was waiting for Prachi’s call, but he gets Aryan’s call. He tells Aryan how Prachi got upset with him. He wonders why Prachi doesn’t get impressed by him despite him having everything. Aryan suggests him to increase his intensity. Ranbir says he will call her and ask whether she got calm now. She will be fine after his call. He wants Prachi to always think good about him and whenever she thinks about him, smile appears on her face.

Prachi was calling Vikram, but he was not picking up the call. Shahana says it’s late and asks her to sleep. She tells her not to be tensed and tell him everything tomorrow when she goes to press conference. Prachi wonders how night will pass. Other side, Rhea was excited about press conference. Everyone will ask Prachi about money and she won’t have any answer to give. She tried to win Ranbir, now she will need to pay price for it. Prachi wonders how thieves found out about the money. She came directly to home after picking up the money. Rhea says she will never find out answers to her questions.

It’s morning. Everyone gathers for press conference. Abhi tells Ranbir that he has written a song and Ranbir has to sing it. Ranbir asks him not to joke. Abhi says he’s serious. Ranbir sings from heart and he loves that about him. No one can stop people from succeeding who sing from heart. Alia asks Vikram about cash money that Sharma gave… she needs to pay to one vendor. Vikram says cash? Alia says yes, Sharma gave to Prachi. Prachi didn’t give him that money yet? Prachi arrives. Abhi asks why she’s crying. Ranbir rushes to him and asks if she’s alright. Prachi says money that Sharma gave got stolen. Everyone is shocked. Alia asks how? Prachi says 3 goons came at her home and took the money. Abhi says it’s cool, no need to cry. Rhea sees some mark on Prachi’s hand and thinks Sanju hurt her physically. She asks Prachi if Pragya is alright. Prachi says yes. Pallavi says at least that’s good. Prachi tells Vikram that she tried to call him too. Vikram says he was in party and couldn’t see the call. She tells him to check his phone. He says it’s alright. Alia interrupts and asks what’s alright? She thought they would behave like this and they are exactly behaving like that. She says Prachi is lying, she got bad intentions seeing the money and stole it. Abhi gets angry at Alia.

Other side, Pragya was tensed thinking whether Vikram will believe her or no. Sarita says everything will be alright. 10 lakh is not big amount for Vikram, so he won’t stretch the matter. Also Prachi has done a lot for that house, for Ranbir. She has a good relation with that house. Pragya says but this is about money and money can spoil any relation. She has experienced it.

Abhi asks Alia what she is saying. Alia says police have sealed area where Prachi leaves. Then how did thieves manage to run away? For them 10 lakh is nothing, but for Prachi, it’s a lot of money. Alia continues accusing Prachi. Now Ranbir speaks in Prachi’s favor, but she shuts him up too. Prachi says she has filed police complaint too. Alia praises her and says she even filed complaint to prove her story is real. Abhi again takes Prachi’s side. Alia says she will prove that it’s Prachi who stole the money. She asks Prachi whether anyone saw or followed after she took money from Sharma. Prachi says no one saw, she didn’t tell anyone. In fact beside her family, no one knew about it. Alia says exactly that’s the point. Only her family knew about money. She then asks whether thieves stole any of their jewelries and stuff. Prachi nods no saying they don’t have any such things in their home. Alia proves her point further saying thieves always confirm there is money or jewelries in homes they go to steal. Why would thieves go to her house when there is nothing? She further tells Prachi that they treated her as a family member and she did this? Shame on her. Press was standing behind and they heard / recorded everything. Alia apologizes to them for not noticing them and says there’s a problem, Prachi stole company’s money.

Ranbir asks Alia not to involve press in this. Pallavi takes Alia’s side. She says she likes Prachi as well, but Alia’s point is right. Prachi says she is not like that, she can’t even think like this. Alia says it’s not her fault, they learn everything from their parents only. She is sure she learned to act like this from her mother. Prachi says please, her mother can’t even think like this. She didn’t give her such values. She cries and runs away. Abhi goes behind her. Ranbir is also disappointed and tries to go behind Abhi, but Pallavi stops him and says try to understand, Prachi is a middle class girl. Their needs are more and resources are less which sometimes make them do what they don’t want to. They just can’t help it. Alia tells Ranbir that he finds Prachi innocent because she is his friend. But she can’t ignore this, otherwise Prachi will steal again. And that’s why she will file an FIR against Prachi as well. Rhea gets happy.

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