Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Episode 13 September 2021 Written – Sai calls out Pakhi’s drama

Sonali tells Chavan ladies that they had a lot of fun during this years Janmashtami celebrations and they were elated to see Jiv Shiva’s jodi. Bhavani says they should start Satyanarayan pooja arrangements. Mansi says everything will happen peacefully. Samrat returns after shopping and gives gifts to everyone. Chavan ladies like it. Karishma taunts that someone brought her gift at last or else Mohit never brings her gifts, Samrat brought gift for his wife and Virat does it regularly for Sai, but her husband doesn’t even take her to market. Sonali scolds her not to insult her husband in front of everyone and taunts that even Virat doesn’t bring gifts to them and brings it to only for Sai. Bhavani asks Samrat why was the need for gifts. Samrat says some gifts are needed without necessity and these gifts are from him and Pakhi. Mansi asks why did you came here to give gifts alone then, where is Pakhi.

All the Chavan ladies were rejoicing the Janmashtami celebrations and Sonali says it’s good to Jiv Shiva’s jodi finally coming together as its happiness can be seen in everyone’s eyes. Bhavani says now we should start arrangements for the Satyanarayan Pooja. Mansi says to her to not to worry.

Samrat returns home with the gifts. Karishma says wow you have done this much shopping for Pakhi. Samrat says nope I brought all this gifts for all of you ladies. Samrat gives all the ladies sarees for the Satyanarayan Pooja. Karishma taunts saying Samrat and Virat both bring gifts for Pakhi and Sai while her husband Mohit doesn’t bring anything for her. Sonali scolds Karishma for disrespecting her husband in front of everyone. Samrat says these gifts are from my side and Pakhi for all of you. Mansi asks why you came alone where is Pakhi?

Pakhi went in Virat’s room and she touches him from behind as he was wearing a shirt. Pakhi gifts a Kurta to Virat and she says that she brought a saree for Sai. Sai came there and she tells Pakhi that she won’t accept the gift as she’s an outsider. Virat starts taking Pakhi’s side saying that Sai won’t understand your emotions.

Meanwhile Karishma says that Pakhi will be in Virat’s room. Shivani covers up saying they might have dividing the task of gifting as they have a big family. Mansi thanked Samrat for the saree and says its very nice.

Sai asks Pakhi why is she doing all this drama of showing that everything is alright between her and Samrat. Pakhi thinks how this Junglee girl caught her bluff? Virat asks Sai why she stopped her transfer by asking DIG. Sai says because she wanted him to take care of the family here.

Pakhi says to Virat this girl will destroy your life. Sai says why are you repeating the same thing again. Pakhi threatens Sai never dare say anything about her and Samrat’s relationship otherwise she will do bad to her. Sai says to Paki she is not scared as whatever anyone wants to feel about her they can feel. Sai says futher that Virat sir has lost all rights on her.

Samrat came outside the room and he was hearing the conversation between Sai, Virat and Pakhi. Sai requests Pakhi to make her relation better with Samrat as he deserves love. Samrat thinks is Sai saying truth? Is Pakhi actually doing a drama in front of her.

Precap: Shivani asks Pakhi that today she should bunk college and attend the Satyanarayan Pooja. Virat asks Pakhi to attend the Pooja as his family gave her respect and they deserve the same. Pakhi refuses then Virat says now he will show his husband rights over her and he locks her in a room.

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