TV Serial Kundali Bhagya 11 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Police came to arrest Rishabh

Karan takes Rishabh to his room and he puts him on bed. Preeta and Karan came out of the room and Preeta was about to tell him about Sherlyn & Prithvi’s affair but they heard a sound of something falling and went back inside. Table lamp fell and Karan puts it back in its place. Rishabh says I love you to Karan and tells him to never have blind faith on anyone except Preeta Ji because she is the exception. Rishabh requested him to sleep with him tonight and Karan obliges, Preeta comes out of the room.

Next morning Rishabh wakes up and he sits on the couch in the living room and he says now its enough and I cannot tolerate all of this anymore. Sherlyn comes in the kitchen and started working with Preeta. Rishabh started shouting and calling everyone in the hall. Preeta tells Sherlyn that your game is over, the end.

Everyone gathers in the living room and Rishabh thanked Preeta for opening his eyes. He hugged Kritika and tells him that today I will ruin your birthday and you will feel bad but its important to tell the truth. Rishabh was about to tells the truth about Sherlyn and Prithvi’s affair to Luthras but suddenly police arrived to arrest him on attempt to murder charge.

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Police inspector tells Rishabh that we came here to arrest you on the attempting to murder Sandeep Khanna. He tells Luthras that we have CCTV footage proof and from the footage its clear that last night Rishabh was driving in drunk state and he hits Sandeep with his car then Rishabh came out and sat there after which he started talking to someone on phone.

Sherlyn thinks its the right time to come in Rishabh’s good books and she started defending him in front of police. Rishabh says Sandeep did some fraud in our company 2 years back and we fired him after that. Karan says I know you have done nothing wrong Rishabh. Rishabh asks inspector how is Sandeep now. Police was arresting Rishabh and Karan tried to stop them, Preeta says let them arrest him and we will fight the case in court. Inspector says it won’t happen because the courts are shut for next 2 days. Rakhi maa begged in front of police and cried hugging Rishabh.

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