Bigg Boss 15 Episode 16 Nov 2021 Written Updates – Tejasswi vs Neha fight over food, Umar goes against TejRan

Bigg Boss gave two minutes to the non VIP members to do the shopping of weekly food ration for the house. Tejasswi says that only VIP members will do the discussion about what to buy, Neha says if the whole house is involved in something then lets sit together and discuss. Tejassswi tells Rajiv and Simba to start the shopping by getting milk. Neha was seen telling Rajiv that milk is not necessary, first priority should be buying oil, wheat, rice, and cereal.

Rajiv and Simba did the shopping of food for the house within 2 mins. They did not got cereal and salt. Neha says to Tejasswi that you were shouting milk and it is not that important as other things are. Neha says you can tell me to keep quiet Teju and then she calls Tejasswi brainless.

Later on Bigg Boss gives a task to the VIP members as per which they have to rate the Non VIP housemates on a scale of 1 to 5. Rajiv gets the lowest ranking of 1 after which he gets angry and says that you people get aggressive, you people abuse, Salman scolds you people and I am getting the one ranking. Rajiv says that you people are a group and you people want to break me, Shamita, and Neha. Neha gets only 2 ranking and she tells Rajiv to spit in their food a bit today.

At night Bigg Boss gave another task to the housemates as per which VIP members have to decide one housemate from non vip members after listening to their arguments and points and that one member will get sent to jail. While the task was happening Umar gets offended with Tejasswi’s behaviour and he says that he has full right to put forth his point of view and if he gives her respect then he wants the respect back. Umar says that even Karan is talking in between. Karan came in Tejasswi’s defense and he kicked the table. Karan says that why are you getting so much aggressive.

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