Anupama Episode 13 September 2021 Written – Anuj Kapadia meets Anupama at Cafe

Anupama tells Vanraj and Kavya if Anuj Kapadia won’t like the idea then he will reject it what more could happen. Bapuji dislikes their behaviour and both him and Vanraj walks away. Kavya provokes Baa against Anupama that after Anuj’s arrival Anupama’s attitude has changed. Baa tells Kavya to not to try to provoke her.

Anupama says to Kinjal that she is getting late and she gave Kinjal her laptop. Kinjal tells Anupama to relax. Anupama says once this deal gets done so all this Anuj Kapadia talk in this house will be over.

GK asks Anuj Kapadia doesn’t you heart feel to give that rose to Anupama which you are hiding in her diary since last 26 years. Anuj says I felt like to tell her all my feelings and then he regrets the mistake which he made 26 years ago due to which he lost Anupama in his life as Anupama’s marriage got fixed. Anuj says that Anupama fights alone and she doesn’t need anyone to support her. He further says Devika used to give him Anu’s information and he is just happy seeing Anupama after 26 years. GK asks Is it? Anuj walks away saying he has an important meeting to attend. GK says you went away from Anupama but after 26 years fate has brought you two together and now fate will play its role.

Samar and Nandini were romantically dancing on Naujawanon baat mano at dance academy. Anupama came and she gets happy seeing them back together. Anupama rejoices their reunion. She tells them not to doubt each other. Mamaji calls Anupama as he needed help and Anupama went with him.

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Light was off at the cafe and Anupama made some dish as microwave was not working. She served that dish on the table but gets surprised seeing Anuj Kapadia on the table. Anupama tells him that its Mr’s Shah’s cafe and nearby is my dance academy see that as well. Anuj Kapadia made some shayri and Anupama called him Shayar Kapadia Ji. Both of them had a laugh.

Vanraj, Paritosh, Kavya, and Rakhi came their. Vanraj was looking very sad. Rakhi starts manipulating Vanraj against Anupama saying Mr Kapadia and Anupama are looking very close what a visual. Anupama serves Anuj the dish prepared by her. Anuj finally eats it and praises her dish. Anuj says she has magic in her hands. Rakhi says there was a time when this magic was in your life Mr. Shah. Vanraj thinks about the past when Anupama used to feed her. Rakhi says Anupama tries to portray Anupama as a gold digger in front of Mr. Shah.

Lights came back and Anupama gets shocked seeing Vanraj, Paritosh, Rakhi and Kavya there. Rakhi tries to introduce herself to Anuj saying they met in Chicago. But Anuj says he doesn’t know her. Rakhi tries again but Anuj says no he doesn’t remember. Kavya says she is Kinjal’s mom. Anuj says oh she is Paritosh’s mother-in-law. Vanraj says to Anuj if you would have told us we would have delivered this order at your office. Anuj says I visited here because of the deal but I got hungry.

Anuj tries to pay the bill but Kavya says no after so much of insisting Anupama accepted the payment. Anuj asks Anupama to go with him and show him the dance academy. When they were leaving Paritosh shouts saying there is no need. Anupama and Anuj looked shocked.

Precap: Paritosh insults Anuj saying its okay that he saved Samar’s life and for that thank you very much but please don’t come here and asks him to leave. Anuj says I won’t go alone from here as with me I will take away the factory deal and your chances of getting this proposal passed. Now neither I will buy the factory and neither will let anyone buy it. He leaves the cafe winking at Paritosh saying take care buddy boy. Everyone gets shocked.

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