Dance Deewane Juniors (DDJ) Episode 4 Written Updates 1 May 2022 – Karan steals play button, Kiara Advani dance with kids

Episode started with all three judges along with host Karan Kundrra dancing on Humko Tumse Hogaya Hai Pyaar

First Contestant – Falak – Age 8 Years – Falak danced on Aisi Dhaakad Hai song. Nora and Marzi gave her a standing ovation after her dance. Marzi pressed the play button and he says he was just playing but now its pressed then ok. Nora says your performance was good and you are a complete package after which she pressed the play button. Neetu Ji also pressed play button for Falak.

Second Dance Group – C – Company – Age 9 Years – 13 Years – C -Company gave a Contemporary dance performance on Tanhai. Neetu ji stood up after their performance and she pressed all three play buttons. Nora says that when she saw them she felt like she was watching a international contemporary show. Marzi liked their opening pyramid act and he says the choreography was very interesting also he says he thinks they will be finalists.

Third Duo – A boy and a girl danced on Hole Hole Hojayega Pyaar. Marzi says they remind him of his nani as their performance is mind blowing. Nora says they had great energy and their dance was hardcore. They got selected for mega auditions.

Fourth Duo – A boy and a girl danced onm Hare Krishna Hare Ram song and Marzi pressed play for them saying they deserve it. Neetu Ji says for her they are the best. Nora says Pra Pra Pra Prahhhhh for them and then she also pressed their play button.

Fifth Contestants – A girl danced on Sawaar Loon and Neetu Ji says she is like Prabhu Deva. All three judges pressed play button for her.

Sixth Dance Group – Classical Queens – Three girls did a Classical dance on Meri Jaan and Nora says they are truly queens. Neetu Ji says they took her jaan after which she danced with them. All three judges pressed play button for them.

Power Play went missing and judges got shocked as where is it? A kid came and he informed judges that Karan Kundrra is blackmailing others by showing them Power Play. Marzi says I told them to not to take a person as host who came 3rd in Bigg Boss.

Karan outside the hall says that he sorted out everything and now kids don’t need to perform inside to take power play as he will give it to them. He told two kids to dance like frog and they started doing it. After that he told kids to start dancing taking their tongue out. Karan was informed that Neetu mam called him and he went to stage.

Nora told Karan to give power play and he asks, do I look like a thief? Marzi says yes. Neetu Ji slapped Karan after which he placed back power play button. Karan tells Marzi you don’t even look like a judge. Marzi says you talk very Tejasswi and let me put some Prakash on it. Karan ran away.

Seventh Contestant – Runjuna – Age 10 Years – Runjuna danced on Hui Mei Teri Joganiyaa song. Nora pressed play button during Runjuna’s performance. Neetu Ji also pressed play button for her. Neetu Ji says her dance was perfect and she liked it a lot. Nora says you shocked me by your performance and you have inhumane flexibility also she wants her in top 3. Marzi says he liked her head stand with reverse split a lot and her core strength is very good. Marzi pressed play button for her.

Eighth Contestant – Tanushree – Age 13 Years – Tanushree danced on Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo. Marzi gave a standing ovation to Tanushree and then Nora & Neetu Ji also stood up for her. Marzi and Neetu Ji both pressed power play button for her. Neetu Ji says you are amazing and she has great thinking. Nora also pressed play button for her.

Ninth Contestant – Dhruv – He danced on Allah Duhai Hai. He told his story as he used to get bullied at school as he gets fat shamed and people also used to make fun of his bad eye sight. Nora danced with Dhruv on stage on Mera Nakhra Ae Teekhi Talwar Varga. Dhruv gets selected for mega auditions.

Tenth Dance Group – A group of girls gave a Classical dance performance on Humma Humma song and all three judges pressed play button for them. Nora danced on Saki Saki with the girls.

Eleventh Contestant – Arnav – Age 10 Years – Arnav danced on Kagaz Ke Do Pankh Leke. Nora says you move like water and you have good flexibility. All three judges pressed power play button for him.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 actors Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani came to promote their upcoming film. Kids started impressing Kiara one by one by dancing with her. One boy danced with Kiara on Burj Khalifa while other boy danced with her on Saawan Mei Lag Gayi Aag. Four kids danced with Kiara Advani on Sauda Khara Khara.

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