KBC 15 EP 1 Written Updates 14 August 2023 with All Questions and Answers Info including Super Sandook Round

In the episode 1 of KBC 15 on 14 August 2023, we witnessed a former Indian Air Force Squadron leader ‘Sushmita Sahay’ playing the game of Kaun Banega Crorepati and Amitabh Bachchan asked her some seriously tough questions. A new twist of Super Sandook was also introduced and some old lifeline made a return to the show.

Amitabh Bachchan Poem ar KBC 15 Episode 1 Opening Full Lyrics Written :

The show started with a Patriotic Poem by the host Amitabh Bachchan which is as follows :

Ye Sajta Savarta Nikharta Ye Desh
Jaise Koi Dulhan Badalti Ho Vesh
Ye Vaade Iraade Kasam Ye Nayi
Ye Mehnat Mashakkat Ye Khud Pe Yakeen
Yahi Hai Yahi Hai Sunahara Sa Bharat
Hawa Mei Hunar Hai Fizaa Mei Maharat

Zameen Ko Falaq Ko Hua Tab Gumaan
Zameen Ko Falaq Ko Hua Tab Gumaan
Likha Chaand Pe Humne Jai Hindustan
Likha Chaand Pe Humne Jai Hindustan

Lehar Hai Sehar Hai Ye Badlaav Ki
Vatan Ke Jatan Se Sajje Khwaab Ki
Jata Do Bata Ki Tum Kam Nahi
Vijay Ka Lagana Hai Parcham Yahi

Jahan Tum Khade Ho Wahi Ho Shuru
Bana Do Tum Bharat Ko Sabka Guroor
Amar Woh Atal Woh Ammit Dastaan
Jaiske Panno Pe Likha Ho Jai Hindustan
Jaiske Panno Pe Likha Ho Jai Hindustan
Jai Hindi…….

Amitabh Bachchan finally welcomes everyone on the KBC 15 show and he made the start of the season. Audience in the studio was cheering for him and people were not even letting him speak. Amitabh finally introduced the new stage and settings of the KBC 15 studio.

KBC 15 Episode 1 Week 1 All 10 Contestants Names with Details :

Amitabh Bachana started giving the introductions of the first 10 contestants of KBC 15 and their names and details are as follows :

  • Contestant no. 1 – Dhimahi Rajendrakumar Trivedi from Garda, Gujarat
  • Contestant no. 2 – Rahul Kumar Nema from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  • Contestant no. 3 – Kapil Dev from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh
  • Contestant no. 4 – Sheetal Tambat from Jalgaon, Maharashtra
  • Contestant no. 5 – Arjun Singh from Ludhiana, Punjab
  • Contestant no. 6 – Anshu Kumar Shahi from Muzaffarpur, Bihar
  • Contestant no. 7 – Swati Arha Gadhavi from Palanpur, Gujarat
  • Contestant no. 8 – Sushmita Sahay from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • Contestant no. 9 – Dr. Sandesh Mahajan from Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Contestant no. 10 – Amrita Gupta from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Amitabh Bachchan started the faster finger first and the question is :

Arrange these Nobel laureates in the chronological order of their winning the nobel Prize?

A – Amartya Sen
B – Kailash Satyarthi
C – Rabindranath Tagore
D – C. V. Raman

Correct Answer :

C – Rabindranath Tagore
D – C. V. Raman
A – Amartya Sen
B – Kailash Satyarthi

Only 4 contestants gave the right answer and Sushmita Sahay gave the answer in the fastest time as a result of which she became the first contestant of KBC 15 to sit on the hot seat.

Picture of First Contestant of KBC 15 – Sushmita Sahay

Amitabh Bachchan praised Sushmita Sahay for the beautiful smile on her face. Sushmita tells Amitabh that she currently works at a software company as the senior product manager and she was a former Squadron leader in the Indian Air Force. She tells Amitabh that during the Kargil war, she was posted in Udhampur, J&K.

Sushmita tells Amitabh Bachchan that as her companion she has brought her sister-in-law Maya Devi Nayyar.

Amitabh Bachchan started explaining the rules of the game to Sushmita. He tells her that the timer clock named Badhumati will give her 45 seconds to answer question 1 to 5 and 60 seconds to answer question 6 to 10, after which it will stop.

Amitabh says that Super Sandook has been introduced this season and it will help Sushmita in earning bonus money once she reaches phase two and he will tell her about it later.

Amitabh tells Sushmita about 3 lifelines which are :

  • Audience Poll
  • Video Call a Friend
  • Double Dip (Answer 2 Times but Can’t quit after taking this lifeline)

Amitabh starts playing KBC 15 with Sushmita Sahay :

First Question for Rs 1000 :

Image Question – In English Which of these Words has a silent ‘b’?

Image Option A – Butterfly
Image Option B -Double
Image Option C – Tub
Image Option D – Doubt

Correct Answer – Image Option D – Doubt
Sushmita gave the right answer

2nd Question for Rs 2000 :

Which of these pieces of jewellery is not worn around the wrist?

Option A – Choodi
Option B -Kangan
Option C – Payal
Option D – Bracelet

Correct Answer – Option C – Payal
Sushmita gave the right answer

3rd Question for Rs 1000 :

Image Question – Which of the following terms is used for this phenomenon?

Option A – Hail Storm
Option B -Furious Fifties
Option C – Coriolis Effects
Option D – Northern Lights

Correct Answer – Option D – Northern Lights
Sushmita gave the right answer

4th Question for Rs 5000 :

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore won a medal in which sport at the Olympics?

Option A – Archery
Option B -Athletics
Option C – Shooting
Option D – Water Polo

Correct Answer – Option C – Shooting
Sushmita gave the right answer

5th Question for Rs 10,000 :

What was the name of the Kauravas only sister?

Option A – Dharini
Option B -Manthara
Option C – Dhushala
Option D – Tara

Correct Answer – Option C – Dhushala
Sushmita gave the right answer

6th Question for Rs 20,000 :

As of July 2023, VR Chaudhari holds which rank in the Indian Armed Forces?

Option A – Admiral
Option B – Air Chief Marshal
Option C – General
Option D – Field Marshal

Correct Answer – Option B – Air Chief Marshal
Sushmita gave the right answer

7th Question for Rs 40,000 :

Video Question – Which location is shown in this video?

Option A – Sanchi
Option B -Sarnath
Option C – Lumbini
Option D – Bodh Gaya

Correct Answer – Option A – Sanchi
Sushmita gave the right answer

8th Question for Rs 80,000 :

What does the ‘R’ stand for in the PRAN generation under the National Pension Scheme?

Option A – Registration
Option B – Revenue
Option C – Retirement
Option D – Regulation

Sumsmita Used the Audience Poll Lifeline

Audience Poll Results :

Option A – Registration – 22%
Option B – Revenue – 14%
Option C – Retirement – 53%
Option D – Regulation – 11%

Correct Answer – Option C – Retirement
Sushmita gave the right answer

9th Question for Rs 1,60,000 :

Which of these writers was affectionately as ‘Aini Aapa’?

Option A – Krishna Sobti
Option B – Qurratulain Hyder
Option C – Ismat Chughtai
Option D – Kamila Shamsie

Sumsmita Used the Double Dip Lifeline
Sushmita chose Option C – Ismat Chughtai and it was the wrong answer

Correct Answer – Option B – Qurratulain Hyder
Sushmita gave the right answer

10th Question for Rs 3,20,000 :

What has the INS Kurusura, a decommissioned submarine located in Visakhapatnam, been turned into?

Option A – Aquareum
Option B – Museum
Option C – Scuba Diving Site
Option D – School

Correct Answer – Option B – Museum
Sushmita gave the right answer

Amitabh Bachachan tellas Sushmita Sahay about Super Sandook and the rules were as follows :

SUPER SANDOOK RULES: Rapid fire 10 Questions in 90 seconds and the contestant has to answer the questions quickly. For every right answer, contestant on the hot seat will earn Rs 10,000 more and for all right answers in 90 seconds he/she can win Rs 1 lakh. If contestant wins Rs 50,000 by answering 5 right questions then he/she can either deposit the money in their bank account or else they can revive their one lost lifeline.

Super Sandook Rapid Fire Round 90 Seconds Questions :

Question 1 – Which of these cities lies between the river Beas and Sutlej

Option A -Amritsar
Option B – Ludhiana
Option C – Jalandhar
Option D – Patiala

Correct Answer – Option C – Jalandhar
Sushmita gave the right answer

Question 2 – Which community was the newspaper Rast Goftar for?

Option A – Hindus
Option B – Sikhs
Option C – Jains
Option D – Parsis

Correct Answer – Option D – Parsis
Sushmita gave the right answer

Question 3 – Which ministry operates the National Gallery of Modern Art?

Option A – Finance
Option B – Culture
Option C – Power
Option D – Tourism

Correct Answer – Option B – Culture
Sushmita gave the right answer

Question 4 – What did the ‘M’ stand for in ISM Dhanbad?

Option A – Maths
Option B – Mines
Option C – Marketing
Option D – Music

Correct Answer – Option B – Mines
Sushmita gave the right answer

Question 5 – Whose autobiography is titled ‘Justice for the Judge’?

Option A – Adil Hussain
Option B – TN Seshan
Option C – Ranjan Gogoi
Option D – Papon

Correct Answer – Option C – Ranjan Gogoi
Sushmita passed the question

Question 6 – Which organ is examined through Bronchoscopy?

Option A – Lungs
Option B – Heart
Option C – Small Intestine
Option D – Large Intestine

Correct Answer – Option A – Lungs
Sushmita gave the right answer

Question 7 – Which of these words can also mean ‘sweet’?

Option A – Sudhir
Option B – Pramod
Option C – Madhur
Option D – Anil

Correct Answer – Option C – Madhur
Sushmita gave the right answer

Question 8 – In which of these cases can a batter get out on a no ball?

Option A – Clean Bowled
Option B – Catch
Option C – LBW
Option D – Run Out

Correct Answer – Option D – Run Out
Sushmita passed the question

Question 9 – Which of these actors real name is Ashwini?

Option A – Bipasha Basu
Option B – Shilpa Shetty
Option C – Shraddha Kapoor
Option D – Disha Patani

Correct Answer – Option B – Shilpa Shetty
Sushmita passed the question

Question 10 – Lollipop and Marshmallow are the versions of which operating system?

Option A – Mac
Option B – Windows
Option C – Android
Option D – Linux

Correct Answer – Option C – Android
No time left to answer

Sushmita Sahay gave 6 right answers during the Super Sandook round and she won Rs 60,000 and she opted to revive her audience poll lifeline by spending Rs 50,000 oout of that amount.

Main Game starts again with Sushmita Sahay :

11th Question for Rs 6,40,000 :

In 2023, who became the first Indian woman to be named as one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Year?

Option A – Harmanpreet Kaur
Option B – Mithali Raj
Option C – Jemimah Rodriguez
Option D – Shefali Verma

Sushmita used the audience poll lifeline

Audience Poll Results :

Option A – Harmanpreet Kaur – 49%
Option B – Mithali Raj – 32%
Option C – Jemimah Rodriguez – 8%
Option D – Shefali Verma – 11%

Correct Answer – Option A – Harmanpreet Kaur
Sushmita gave the right answer

12th Question for Rs 12,50,000 :

In the name of the city Rio de Janeiro, what does ‘Janeiro’ refer to?

Option A – A Country
Option B – A Month
Option C – An Animal
Option D – A Queen

Sushmita used the video call a friend lifeline and she made a video call toher brother-in-law Kumar Deshpande
Kumar Deshpande tells her to choosde Option B – A Month

Correct Answer – Option B – A Month
Sushmita gave the right answer

13th Question for Rs 25,00,000 :

What nickname did Mark Rutte, the longest serving Prime Minister of the Netherlands, get because no scandal would effect him?

Option A – Glossy
Option B – Smooth
Option C – Oily
Option D – Teflon

Sushmita Sahay quits the game at Rs 12,50,000

Correct Answer – Option D – Teflon
Sushmita guessed the right answer

Time limit gets up and episode 1 of KBC 15 ends.

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