Kundali Bhagya todays episode written updates 21 March 2022 – Preeta catches Dadi, Kareena, and Sherlyn stealing papers

Natasha went to Karan’s room and she started provoking him against Preeta by saying that he should take the control of Luthra house in his hands by stealing the property papers. Sameer sees Natasha manipulating Karan and he wonders that whatever Preeta is going is for the good of this house as she wanted to throw Prithvi out by using the property papers as a trap. Karan tells Natasha that he won’t steal papers and Sameer tells Natasha to get out. Karan tells Sameer how are you talking to Natasha and Sameer says that you only belong to Preeta di. Karan slowly says but Preeta doesn’t understand that.

Preeta went to put papers back in cupboard but she heard someone coming inside and started acting like she is in sleep. Sherlyn was already inside Preeta’s room after which Bani Dadi and Kareena entered the room. Sherlyn hides behind a chair and both Dadi & Kareena started searching the cupboard. Karan arrived there and Natasha also came behind him in the room.

Finally Preeta gets up and everyone started making drama saying that Karan was walking in his sleep and they came in the room following him. Sherlyn went to Prithvi and she requested him to please steal the property papers for her. Prithvi tells her that he will steal the papers but at a time when no one will think it will happen. Prithvi throws Sherlyn out of his room.

Srishti calls Preeta and she asked her what happened last night. Preeta tells Sherlyn about how everyone came inside the room to steal papers except Prithvi. Srishti tells Preeta to check the cupboard and Preeta checked it, file was still there. Srishti then tells Preeta to open the file and Preeta did that and papers were still in it. Preeta hears Rakhi screaming and gets shocked.

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