Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Chawl House ) Part 3 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Bhanu comes back home and he sees Renu alone after which he immediately started kissing her while Ronit was hiding in the washroom. Both Renu and Bhanu were enjoying the romance but Ronit was getting frustrated in the washroom and after a while he throws a mug to make some noise. Bhanu says who’s here and Renu says its Ronit. Bhanu hugs Ronit and tells him to have a cup of tea with him.

Later at night everyone was having dinner and Renu cooked Brinjal. Snehal says that bhabhi finally finds about the benefits and Renu’s mother-in-law asks her about the benefits. Snehal says that those benefits are for bhabhi only. Ronit asks Bhanu that does he drink beer? Bhanu says yes if its for free and then Ronit says that today we will have a beer party because tomorrow he’s leaving.

Outside the house Bhanu and Ronit were having a beer party and after having a lot of beer Bhanu went to the toilet during which Ronit mixed some medicine in his beer and later makes him drink it. Bhanu gets unconscious and Ronit makes him sleep in the washroom. Ronit went straight to Renu’s space and he started kissing her after which Renu’s asks where is Bhanu? Ronit says that I made him asleep by using medicine. Renu and Ronit started making love and Ronit takes off Renu’s top after which he gives her pleasure & satisfaction. Next morning Snehal tells Ronit that she is aware about what happened last night and thanked him for satisfying Renu.

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