MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 6 Recap: What Happened on April 14, 2024? Full Written Updates

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 6 started with Siwet and Addy engaging in some casual conversation in the bedroom at the villa, only to be interrupted by a notification summoning all contestants to their next challenge location to meet Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani. After preparing themselves, the contestants eagerly gathered to meet Sunny and Tanuj.

During the meeting, Harsh expressed his discomfort about some girls in the villa, including Anicka, making fun of his past encounter with two cousins. He also revealed how Jashwanth mocked him, attributing his actions to his familial connections with the girls. While contestants admired the connection between Harsh and Rushali, they were curious about the dynamics of powerplay between them.

Sunny then revealed the details of the next challenge, where ideal matches would select either two girls or two boys. Each selected individual would then choose their partners for the task from the pool of contestants.

Rushali expressed her desire to participate, despite Harsh’s reluctance. However, Sunny warned Rushali that if she failed the task, she would be at risk of elimination. Rushali chose Ameha and Shobhika as the task performers, much to Harsh’s dismay.

In the challenge named “Bachao Bachao Bachao,” contestants had to unlock their partners by deciphering lock combinations after overcoming various obstacles. The locked partners were required to shout “Bachao Bachao Bachao” throughout the task. Ameha, Dev Karan, and Addy emerged victorious, completing the challenge in 4 minutes and 26 seconds, securing safety from elimination.

Back at the villa, Harsh confronted Rushali for expressing the desire to choose other partners over him, feeling disrespected and unwanted. Despite Rushali’s attempts to explain, Harsh remained upset until they reconciled with a hug.

In a gesture of chivalry, Addy offered Kashish his jacket to keep warm, leading to rumours among the girls that Kashish was manipulating multiple boys. Eventually, Kashish discovered that Dr. Arica was spreading these rumors.

As the contestants gathered for the next dumping session at the dome, a flashback revealed that all ex-isle contestants received a mischief box, hinting at their impending arrival to Splitsvilla.

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