MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa Episode 12 Written Updates 1 May 2022 – Entertainment task Performances & Result, Who won Immunity & Roadiums

Baseer was taking some hair treatment from Nandini and he is enjoying because he was immune along with Jashwanth. Yuktii tells Kevin that Baseer has exaggerated about the aggressive thing and then Kevin confronted Baseer after which they both joined hands as Kevin gave a word to him that he won’t go against him going forward. Kevin says that if him and Baseer will play together everyone will get scared. Baseer also sorted out with Ashish and he says that this is going to be risky but he is willing to take the risk.

Roadies received a message on their Infinix Zero 5G Smartphones from Sonu Sood and in that message they were being told to get ready to give South Africa some Indian tadka as all the buddy pairs will give a Indian dance performance to entertain the South African locals and they will get help from their phones as well as Infinix InBook Laptops and their songs choices are also going to be on their phones.

All the buddy pairs got very excited because their next task was going to be an entertainment task. Each buddy pair started doing practice for their dance performance and all the pairs had 3 song options each.

All the roadies reached their task location in the evening and Sonu Sood welcomed them. Sonu Sood says that they are at Nice Now Water Front which is the coolest harbour of South Africa and Nice Nice is also the Jewel of the Garden Route. Task name was Nachna is Nicena.

Task Details : Each buddy pair will give their performance and they will get minutely judged by Edrien Erasmus (South African Actor). Edrien will be looking at choreography, technical aspects but most importantly entertainment value.

As Baseer and Jashwanth already have the immunity so if they wins the entertainment task by coming no. 1 then they will get a special power about which Sonu Sood will tell them later.

Roadies started performing one by one in the following order on following songs :

  1. Baseer Ali and Jashwanth Bopanna performed on Dhoom Again
  2. Yukti Arora and Nandini G performed on Ram Chahe Leela
  3. Arsh Wahi and Arushi Chawla performed on Cutie Pie
  4. Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir performed on Param Sundari
  5. Sohil Jhuti and Simi Talsania performed on Hua Chhokra Jawaan Re
  6. Sidharth Manoj and Kavya Khurana performed on Nadiyon Paar
  7. Ashish Bhatia and Sakshi Sharma performed on Kharke Glassi

Final results of entertainment task were as follows :

Nandini G and Yukti Arora came 3rd and they won 500 roadiums

Sohil Jhuti and Simi Talsania came 2nd and they won 1000 roadiums

Ashish Bhatia and Sakshi Sharma came 1st and they won immunity and 1000 roadiums

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