Naagin Season 6 Episode 25 Written Updates 7 May 2022 – Pratha performed Tandav dance

Pratha introduced Chanda as Seema’s friend to everyone at Gujral family and she says that she is her birthday present. Rishabh took Chanda to bedroom so that he can take care of her. Later on Seema tried to enter Chanda’s room but there were snakes everywhere outside her room. Seema grabbed a knife and she tried to hit other snakes with it. Snakes tied Seema and Pratha came there. Pratha was eating an apple and Seema said that I am more poisonous then all your snakes. Seema called Rishabh and Pratha released her.

Rishabh came and Pratha said that mummy ji wants to massage Chanda Maa’s feet because she is very concerned about her. Rishabh says I will massage her feet because she is like my mother too but Pratha insists to let Seema massage her feet. Rishabh said ok let my mom massage her feet. Seema unwillingly massaged Chanda’s feet and Pratha smiled.

Pratha told Seema that now Rishabh Ji will be in the room to take care of Chanda and with him I will also stay in the room. She says that I know you won’t harm Chanda because she knows about something you want and you won’t hurt her till the time you will get the information about that thing.

Mahek asked Pratha that if Chanda is the real mother of Rishabh and wife of Lalit then Dadi would have known about her but why wouldn’t she reacted after seeing her. Pratha says she reacted when I introduced Chanda to Gujral family as Seema’s friend.

Dadi was secretly going inside Chanda’s room and Pratha confronted her. She asked her to tell her about the secret behind Seema. Dadi says its a very big secret and I can’t tell you about it. Pratha asks, didn’t you care about your grandson’s life? Dadi leaves from there.

Next morning Rishabh informed Pratha that he dropped Dadi at the airport because she went to tirath yatra. Pratha wonders that Seema sent her there so that I can’t find out the truth about her. Pratha finds Dadi’s ring and she saw Naag Mehal written on the mirror.

Pratha and Mahek went to Naag Mehal. Mahek told Pratha that I have seen this ring somewhere. It turns out that Pratha’s nani was wearing that ring on a picture in the mehal. Pratha saw a slot below the picture and she puts the ring inside the slot. A secret passage opened but a white snake was guarding it. Pratha did the tandav dance to impress the white snake after which the snake went away and the door opened. Pratha went inside and she brought out a picture of Kalkeya vansh with a cross mark on Seema’s face.

Mahek and Pratha tricked Lalit by taking the form of Seema and Rishabh. Lalit in the fear of losing his son opened his mouth and said that you won’t get that Kalash no matter what. Pratha comes back in her original human form and she told Lalit to tell the whole truth . Lalit agreed to tell the actual story. He says that the women in picture is not Seema but her mother Tara.

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Lalit started narrating the story – Many years back Sheesh Naagin Naageshwari (Pratha and Mahek’s Nani) came to Naag Mahel and she called a Pandit Ji. Pandit Ji informed Naageshwari that water is going to be a danger for Mahek. Naageshwari says but she is going to be Sheesh Naagin. Pandit Ji says that the Sheesh Naagin can also be Mahek’s mother unborn child. Naageshwari got angry and scolds Pandit Ji saying he is misleading them. One of the follower came says told Naageshwari that someone came outside to meet her.

Naageshwari went outside and she gets confronted by Tara. Tara threatened her and says that she wants Naag Mani. Naageshwari says that she won’t get it. Tara says no problem then give me that Kalash. Naageshwari refused and she took her half Naagin form. Tara says one day I will get that Kalash.

Naageshwari told Pratha’s mother that Kalkeya vansh attacked them many times and they defeated them always because they have a Amrit Kalash but if Kalkeya vansh managed to get it then they will defeat us.

Pratha asked Lalit but how does Seema’s mother Tara know about all this and Lalit says I will tell you everything.

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