Bekaaboo Season 2 Episode 3 (Keh Ke Lunga) Written Updates with all Hot Scenes Details

Anaysha sees spiders on the floor of her balcony and she gets scared because of which she was about to fall from the balcony but her neighbours saved her. Flat secretary and Anaysha’s parents scolds the watchman but a guy comes in a towel and he asks her why were you screaming? Looking at Anaysha’s mother that guy says now I know why are you so hot.

Kashti in the lift of the building changes her dress. Anaysha gets thrown out of the flat by her secretary after which she receives a call from Natasha and she scolds her as according to her Anaysha did a publicity stunt but Anaysha’s says that it was all Kiyan’s ploy and she says that I never expected that you’ll make me feel so cheap.

Kashti meets Novin on the terrace and he says that now you can take your revenge to which Kashti says I will take it, why so fast? Natasha apologized to Anaysha by calling her and she tells her that she will handle everything.

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Anaysha called Kiyan on phone and his house of card gets ruined. Kiyan says, baby you like to ruin my work. Anaysha says I know you are doing all this, Kiyan says I am not even trying to hide. Kiyan says that I am enjoying seeing you in this state and I will see you in hell, the best selling bitch. Anaysha receives call from Kashti and she tells Anaysha to stay at her house for the night. Kashti makes a phone call to Kiyan. Anaysha thinks I know that all of this will be over soon as its just a bad dream.

Inspector Akash meets Anaysha & Kashti at the cafe and he shows them how he followed Kiyan through drone surveillance and he shows them that he saw spiders at his house. Kashti tells Akash to arrest him after which Akash says we can’t arrest people for keeping spiders. Akash tells them not to meet Kiyan even if he says so. Kiyan punctures Anaysha’s car with a knife.

Anaysha gets shocked seeing a knife on her car’s tyre. Bidita came and she offered a lift to Anaysha as it was about to rain and Anaysha accepted the offer. In the car Bidita tells Anaysha that her partner assaulted her again and she says that she likes Anaysha. Anaysha says I am not into girls. Bidita says I know what happens to me when you are with me and when I touch you I like it, do you feel the same when you touch me? Bidita asks. Anaysha and Bidita started making love to each other in car and during that Anaysha receives a message from Natasha saying that she got her video deleted from internet and she also handled the press. Anaysha replied saying that the bisexual character in the book now going to be smoking hot.

Anaysha tells Kashti about her experience with both Bidita and Shaurya. Anaysha showed Kashti picture of Shaurya and she gets shocked. Kashti receives a call from Novin and she went to meet her in the parking lot. Novin tells Kashti that she is going to sit in her arms and till the time she kisses her he’s going to increase the speed also he will be blindfolded. Kashti and Novin started the bike ride.

Kiyan bribed the courier person with food parcel and manages to enter Anaysha’s flat. Kiyan mixes something in Anaysha’s food parcel but he sees the drone watching him. Kiyan throws a stone at drone after which Inspector Akash started following him. Inspector Akash chased Kiyan on aa bike. Anaysha eats the noodles in the food parcel and she gets unconscious. Akash was following Kiyan on the bike and Kashti & Novin were enjoying the high speed bike ride. Kashti and Novin meets an accident.

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