Battameez App Seal Ajab Hai (2024) Web Series Lead Actresses Names, Story Written, Release Date, Pics, and More

Battameez OTT APP has been recently launched with the release of Seal Ajab Hai web series and it features fan favourite Rani Pari in a pivotal role. This is a desi story about a village where there is a rule not to get physical before 18 but a boy finds out a married women in village has still not got her physical desires fulfilled.

Seal Ajab Hai is a multi-part series and although earlier it will be a uncut one, but unfortunately it turned to completely opposite of what fans were expecting. The series features three hot actresses and each of them can be seen in some spicy bold scenes with their co-actors.

Battameez App Web Series Seal Ajab Hai (2024) Full Story Written Updates

A boy named Champak turns 18 and his Mama tells him that he can now make physical relationship with other woman as per the tradition of the village. Champak didn’t understand what his Mama is telling him and then Mama gifted a hot stories book to him titled Sheela Ki Seal.

Champak started reading the book and imagining himself as a part of it. Book narrates the story of a hot young Doodhwaali named Sheela, who has recently turned 18 and is going to get married in 3 months time. Sheela can’t wait for 3 months and wants to make physical relation now.

Champak in his imagination went to Sheela’s house to take milk and she was getting very excited in her sleep on her bed. Champak wakes her up and tells her that he wants milk. Sheela pours some milk in his jug, but Champak says that he wants two feet goat milk.

Sheela says that she has never seen a goat like that and then boy takes her in front of the mirror, after which he tells her that the two feet goat is right in front of you. Champak makes out with Sheela on the khaat of her house. Blood came out in Champak’s imagination ending.

The book had its final page missing and Champak asks his Mama about the missing page. Mama says that this is my childhood book so maybe the page might’ve ripped.

Champak meets his friends Kalvya and Raja at a Paan stall and Kalva answers his question by saying that the blood came in your dream, which means that the girl has never gotten physical with anyone before.

Chuimui arrived and Kalva sees her feet, after which he tells Champak that she has already made physical relation with someone else. Raja doesn’t agree with Kalva and then Kalva says that I will show you proof tonight.

Later that day, Champak was imagining about the hot Guddan bhabhi in the neighbourhood and his door bell rings. Champak opens the door and Guddan bhabhi was standing right in front of him in real. Champak invites her inside as she brought Kheer for him as a gift for his 18th birthday.

Champak tells Guddan bhabhi that he is excited to eat it and can’t wait anymore, Guddan Bhabhi took it otherwise and then she says that go ahead and eat it. Guddan Bhabhi puts the kheer on table and then she took off her Pallu, she was getting excited with her eyes closed, while Champak was munching on the kheer.

Guddan Bhabhi took advantage of the opportunity and she started making out with Champak on the couch in the living room, and Champak was enjoying the entire experience a lot. Champak stopped and then he told Guddan bhabhi that he can’t do it with her as he will get this chance only one time, and she is already a married woman.

Champak’s mother came back from the market and she gets suspicious after seeing Guddan Bhabhi with her Pallu down. Guddan Bhabhi leaves and Champak’s mother warns him by saying that he is an adult now, and he needs to be careful about such things. Champak went to his room on his mother’s order.

Champak and Raja finally meets Kalva at night to see Chuimui’s reality and Raja refuses to go with them as he was strongly in love with Chuimui and can’t see her with someone else.

A guy came in Chuimui’s bedroom and she tells him that she wants to reveal something to him. The guy started making out with Chuimui in the bedroom and both Champak & Kalva started spying on them from the window.

It turns out that the guy making out with Chuimui was Raja’s Mama and Chuimui tells him that your nephew loves me, but I love you and wants to marry you. Raja’s Mama tells Chuimui to marry his nephew Raja and then they will throw him out of their way.

Champak gets stunned and then he appreciates Kalva’s intelligence.

Battameez App Web Series Seal Ajab Hai (2024) All Female Characters Real Names

Sheela Doodhwaali Rani Pari
Guddan Bhabhi Ritu Rai
Chuimui Priya Roy

What is the name of lead actress in Battameez App Seal Ajab Hai Web Series?

Rani Pari, Priya Roy, and Ritu Rai are the three main lead actress in Battameez App Seal Ajab Hai web series.

Battameez App Web Series Seal Ajab Hai (2024) Wiki Info Full

Web Series Name Seal Ajab Hai
OTT Platform Battameez App
Genre Fantasy
Lead Females Rani Pari, Priya Roy, Ritu Rai
Lead Males Asfaque Usmani, Gaurav Khanna
Total Episodes 4

What is the release date of Battameez App Seal Ajab Hai Web Series?

Battameez App Seal Ajab Hai Web Series was released on Thursday, 1 February 2024 at 8:30 PM IST.

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