Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Chawl House ) Part 2 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Everyone wakes up in the morning except Ronit after which Mami wakes him up and Snehal tells him that its 8:00 AM hearing this Ronit says that he will get late for interview so he rushes to get ready. Renu was staring at Ronit while he was getting ready for the interview. Mama leaves for the work and Snehal asks him to drop her to the college. Mami tells Renu to give breakfast to Ronit and when Renu offered him breakfast Ronit started having sexy thoughts about her but finally Mami tells him to eat the breakfast quickly and go to interview.

Ronit went for the interview and there receptionist at the desk was calling all the applicants one by one. After some time she finally called Ronit but Ronit started imagining her as Renu and he again started having lustful thoughts about her but at last receptionist says that they are waiting for you and Ronit went to give interview. In the interview room when the boss was asking Ronit questions he started dreaming about Renu once again and after sometime boss tells Ronit to get out of his office.

Renu’s mother-in-law says that you are very shameless as a young guy came at our house but you started love making with Bhanu hearing this Renu says that its your son’s mistake as he does it with me 3 time a days. Renu asks her mother-in-law that father-in-law is still fit so even you might’ve done it sometimes hearing this Renu’s mother-in-law gets up and leaves. Snehal comes and says to Renu that you are looking very charged up today then Snehal says that its your mom’s fault because she is not advance like me. Snehal asks her that do you know the meaning of Vibrator then she shows Renu what a Vibrator is and tells her that I have a desi way. Snehal gives her the idea of using Brinjal.

Mama and Mami leaves for market after which Renu was all alone in the house. Ronit comes back and Renu opens the door. After seeing Ronit she asks him that you were leaving today to which Ronit answers that the final round of interview is tomorrow. Renu asks are you lying then she asks him do you want anything. Renu was going to bring water for him but Ronit grabs her from behind and started kissing her then he leaves her but after that Renu grabs Ronit and they again started kissing each other meanwhile Bhanu was coming back to the house.

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