Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Kamar Ki Naap ) Part 1 Written Update with Kajari & Chinki Hot Scenes Details

Kajari was stitching a blouse to impress her mother-in-law (Beena) but instead of getting impressed Beena scolded her for her bad skills and said that if I knew that you are this bad at stitching then I wouldn’t have gotten you married to my son Durgesh. Beena left for elder aunt’s house.

At night Kajari serves food to both Durgesh and Beena and then instead of praising the food made by her, Beena started taunting Kajari on being failed to stitch the blouse. She started comparing her to the neighbour’s younger daughter ‘Chinki.’ Durgesh defends Kajari saying that Chinki’s father is a tailor so she learned stitching early.

Kajari was disturbed and Durgesh told her that don’t worry we will call Chinki and she will teach yo, how to stich a blouse. Kajari says but she will take money as well. Durgesh responds so what we will pay her because we had a good crop this season. Durgesh and Kajari made love with each other on bed.

Next morning Durgesh tells Beena to call Chinki to teach stitching to Kajari. Beena says but she will take a lot of money. Durgesh tells her to convince her for some discount because you stay at their home all day. Beena agrees to call Chinki.

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Kajari was doing stitching and Chinki came from behind and scared her off. Chinki says bhabhi its me Chinki and then she asked her what do you want to learn, to stitch blouse or to take off blouse. Kajari says you got very naughty and Chinki responds soon I will make you naughty too.

Chinki tells Kajari that firstly I will teach you how to take measurement and Kajari says that measurement tape is inside after which they both went inside the bedroom. Chinki told her about how to take measurements and then Chinki started taking measurements of Kajari’s figure. Kajari gets excited while Chinki was taking her measurements.

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