Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Tauba Tauba ) Part 1 Episode 2 Written Update with Vimla & Rupa Hot Scenes Details

Driver tells Rupa to let him wear clothes but she says leave it after which she hides him in the cupboard. Rupa hides driver’s clothes under the bed and then she wears back her nighty after which she opened the door. Vimla says I heard someone’s voice in your room and Rupa says no one is in my room and its your misunderstanding. Vimla says but I am sure of one thing that because of your short clothes, my life has gotten spoiled and now Vijendra ji does chee chee for 24 hours because of thinking about your short clothes.

Rupa says if jijaji has this much problem then he should close his eyes. Vimla says that you forgot about manners after going to foreign because he is your jijaji and you can’t talk about him like this, aren’t you ashamed. Rupa says I’m ashamed as you people are shaming me by saying one thing again and again. Vimla says no you are shaming me in my Sasural. Rupa says then I will leave tomorrow.

Vimla says that I didn’t mean to say this as this house is equally yours but please don’t wear short clothes. Rupa says if this house is mine then you should get out of my room and listen one thing, I will wear short clothes even if your life gets spoiled. Rupa throws Vimla out of the room and she tells her to let her sleep. Vimla outside the room says that I don’t know how to make this girl understand.

Rupa opened the cupboard and she says to driver that today’s job is done now leave. Driver tells her that lets do it. Rupa says no leave and he says at least let me wear clothes. Rupa says no leave and she throws him out of her room.

Next morning, Driver was thinking about last night love making with Rupa on bed. He says that its morning and I don’t know when will Rupa baby call me again and when will I get the opportunity to satisfy her again, should I wait for her call or should I go to her. He further says that he should not act crazy because after last night, she might be tried but she might be waiting for him and maybe hesitating to call him, what should I do?

Vimla took a shower inside the washroom, she puts soap all around her body and then unhooked her bra. After taking the shower, she dried her wet body with a towel and then wrapped it around her body.

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Vimla came out of the washroom in a saree and she saw Vijendra sleeping on his bed. Vimla says helpless Vijendra ji is sleeping like this because of thinking about Rupa’s short clothes but now I will help him. She started getting close to him and he smiled. Vimla then says that since Rupa has arrived, I have seen happiness on his face for the first time. Vimla kissed on his cheek and Vijendra wakes up after which he started kissing all over her body.

Vimla says that I am so happy seeing you this much excited so early in the morning. Vijendra says that you woke me up with so much love so I will feel excited. Vijendra continued kissing on her body and Vimla says that thank God, you stopped thinking about Rupa’s short clothes. Vijendra says chee chee, you spoiled my mood by taking Rupa’s name and now I am going to do exercise on the terrace otherwise your sister will come in front of me in short clothes and everything will get messed up. Vimla says because of this Rupa, I will become a servant of this house and in my life, physical satisfaction will become a fictional story.

Rupa was taking Sunbath on the terrace in a bikini and she started giving pleasure to herself by touching herself. Vijendra came and says you don’t need to satisfy yourself as I am here. Vijendra grabbed Rupa’s leg and he started kissing it after which he slowly went upward and started kissing on her navel.

Vijendra then started kissing on Rupa’s neck and then they both started kissing on each other lips. Vijendra started going downwards while kissing on Rupa’s body. Rupa gets up and Vijendra once again started kissing her whole body. Vijendra turned her around and then he started kissing the back portion of her body. Rupa started doing intense kissing on Vijendra’s lips and then she bends down on her knees and she lifts his shirt up a bit.

Vijendra came and says Chee Chee. Rupa looks at the Vijendra with whom she was making love with and he says that when the real Vijendra is here then you don’t need a fake one. He vanished as it was her imagination. Rupa looked at the real Vijendra and she comes close to him. Vijendra leaves from there saying chee chee.

Vijendra comes downstairs and Vimla asks, what happened? Vijendra says chee chee and leaves. Vimla says what did he saw on the terrace that he is not stopping. She grabbed a bucket of clothes and went upstairs.

Vimla tells Rupa that your short clothes have already spoiled my life and now by wearing this Bikini, will you murder my husband. Rupa says oh di its too hot. Vimla says you are feeling hot in Manali. Rupa says yes I am feeling hot and even in this Bikini I am feeling hot because of which I want to take it off. Vimla warns Rupa not to do it as if she kept on doing such things then. Rupa asks then what will do you? Vimla says then you will see. Rupa says do want you want. Vimla leaves from there.

Rupa came downstairs in the Bikini and driver got excited seeing her like that. She noticed driver getting excited after which Rupa grabbed him by the collar and took him upstairs.

Vijendra was thinking about Rupa giving herself pleasure at the terrace and suddenly Vimla came to him. Vijendra says chee chee. Vimla says that this Rupa has made Vijendra ji crazy and now I will see, how will she wear her short clothes.

There was a bed on the terrace and Rupa took driver there with her. She started kissing driver on the lips after which she took off his shirt. Rupa gave one more kiss on his lips and then she kissed on his chest a bit. Driver turned Rupa around and he started kissing on her neck after which he untied the knot of her nighty and takes it off.

Rupa turns around and they both started passionately kissing each other. Rupa grabbed Driver’s hands and she puts them on her body after which he started pressing it. Driver asks her, Rupa baby why you close your eyes while getting satisfaction? Rupa asks, Do you want satisfaction or not? Driver responds yes I want and then Rupa tells him to not question her and keep on making love. Driver and Rupa were continuously kissing on each other’s lips.

Rupa sits on a table and driver sits on a chair in front of her. She puts her leg in front of driver after which he grabbed her leg and started kissing it. He then kissed her upper body a bit after which the driver once again started kissing her leg. Rupa started kissing on the chest and belly of driver after which she sits on his lap.

Driver started passionately kissing on Rupa’s navel and she was loving it. Once again they started doing lip to lip kissing. Driver lifts up Rupa in his arms and then he puts her on bed. Driver started kissing all around her body and Rupa started imagining that its Vijendra who is making love with her. They both had a lip lock yet again.

Driver (Vijendra in Rupa’s imagination) turned her around and then he started kissing on the back of her neck and Rupa was having a lot of fun. Finally driver gave full satisfaction to Rupa on bed by getting on top of her.

After making love, driver wears back his pant and Rupa was in her towel. She tells him to wear clothes quickly and leave. Driver says ok Rupa baby. Rupa went to take shower. Driver wears back his shirt and suddenly he saw Rupa’s bra and panty on bed. Driver grabbed her panty and then he started smelling it.

Rupa started taking the shower and she unhooked her bra after which she took it off. Driver kissed on Rupa’s panty and then he puts it back on the bed.

Driver came downstairs and Vimla went with a bucket upstairs in Rupa’s room. Vimla puts some desi outfits on bed and then she puts all the short outfits of Rupa in the bucket including her Bikini’s. Vimla says Rupa Rani, now I will see how you will walk around in this house wearing short clothes. Vimla went outside with bucket full of Rupa’s clothes.

Rupa came outside the washroom in a towel and she got shocked seeing desi outfits on her bed instead of western. Rupa says what the hell and then she went outside the room. Rupa started calling Vimla by shouting and both Vimla & Vijendra came. Vijendra saw Rupa in a towel and he said chee chee.

Vimla tells Rupa to go to your room and Rupa says I won’t go inside till the time you give me my clothes back. Vimla says you won’t get your clothes back and from now on you will wear the clothes which I placed in your room. Rupa says then I won’t go. Vimla grabbed Rupa and she started forcing her saying you go to your room. While the scuffle between Vimla and Rupa was taking place, Rupa’s towel fell down and all of a sudden she was standing in front of Vimla & Vijendra with no clothes on her body. Vijendra got excited seeing Rupa with no clothes.

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