Hotstar Special Commando Season 1 All 4 Episodes Written Updates, Main Characters Info with Pics and More Details

Commando Season 1 web series has been released on Hotstar OTT Platform and it features the trio of Prem Parija, Adah Sharma along with Vibhav Tatwawadi in lead roles. Unlike the Commando film franchise, this story focuses on the thrilling adventures of a new Indian Commando named Virat Singh and he receives a helping hand from a known name of the franchise i.e. Bhavna.

Commando Season 1 web series on Hotstar Platform is like a 2 hour 30 minutes long movie in its own right as its been divided into four different episodes of 30 – 40 minutes length each. Many fans are calling it Commando 4 and it was highly expected that we will get to see a Vidyut Jamwal cameo in this series, but that didn’t happen unfortunately.

Hotstar Special Web Series Commando Season 1 All Episodes Titles with Total Running Time Duration :

Hostar Special Web Series Commando Season 1 contains 4 episodes and their titles as well as running time durations are as follows :

  • Episode 1 – The Dance of Death (Duration – 37 minutes)
  • Episode 2 – Bring It On (Duration – 41 minutes)
  • Episode 3 – The Death Trap (Duration – 38 minutes)
  • Episode 4 – The Great Escape (Duration – 45 minutes)

Hotstar Special Web Series Commando Season 1 Full Plot Written Details :

An undercover Indian spy named Kshitij Mehta gets caught while on a mission to ruin the evil plans of Pakistani major General named Jaffar Hassan and destroy his lab where a deadly virus was getting created to kill innocent Indian civilians. Unfortunately Kshitij gets caught after blocking the lab access with a pen drive and his best friend Virat Singh starts the mission to rescue him.

Jaffar starts his search for the missing pen drive by imprisoning Kshitij at Sahiwal Jail and torturing him with the help of a cruel jailer named Faheem. Virat comes across a terrorist group after crossing the Indo-Pak border and then Bhavna enters to help him in gunning them down.

Virat and Bhavna joins hands to save Kshitij from the Sahilwal jail and they started working on a rescue plan along with Abbas, Balli, Mickey, and Sagar. Finally Virat and Bhavna manages to save Kshitij from the Sahil jail, but it seems that they still need to destruct his lab and also Jaffar Hasaan has planted a undercover spy in the RAW in the form of Smita (Virat’s fiancé).

Hotstar Special Web Series Commando Season 1 All Cast and Characters Names – Who Played Which Role?

  • Prem Parija as Virat Singh
  • Adah Sharma as Bhavna
  • Vaibhav Tatwawadi as Kshitij Mehra
  • Amit Sial as Jaffar Hassan
  • Shaji Choudhary as Faheem
  • Manini Chadha as Tina
  • Shreya Chaudhry as Smita
  • Tigmanshu Dhulia as Bakshi
  • Ishtiyak Khan as Sagar
  • Jassi Kapoor as Balli
  • Pavneet Singh Bagga as Mickey
  • Mukeswh Chhabra as Abbas
  • Sehmat – Tarannum Raees Shaikh (Tara)

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