Anupama: Namaste America Episode 9 Written Updates – Anupama finds the hidden passport

Vanraj was one bike and Anupama made a call to him on phone. Anupama informed Vanraj that she is pregnant. He gets very happy and asks her to tell which sweet she wants to eat? He tells her to hang up the phone as he will bring all the sweets for her. A guy on the road tells Vanraj to put aside his bike. He asks the person, do you even know who you are talking to? He asks who? Vanraj says father of three kids.

Leela shows passport to Toshu and says see your mother’s photo. He tells Leela to keep it with proper care. Leela thinks if you are your mother’s ladla then I am your grandmother. Leela says its good that I showed you this because its not something kids should play with. She started working in the kitchen and Toshu started playing with it. Leela tells that the photo is very bad. Toshu seeks permission to show it to his friends. Leela gave her permission. Dolly took the passport from Toshu’s hand

Dolly asks Leela why didn’t you stopped Toshu from playing with bhabhi’s passport as something bad could have happened to it. Leela says if anything bad had happened to it then I would have lit diya’s. Dolly says you have gone mad. Leela says no you people are mad. Leela tells Dolly to listen to her carefully.

Vanraj buys laddoo’s for Anupama and he thinks that how will she dance because first three months of pregnancy are critical. Doctor informed Vanraj on phone to let Anupama dance as all these are misconceptions in families and light exercises during pregnancy are good.

Leela did the nazar utarna ritual to Anupama and Moti Baa asks Dolly, why is she quiet as she needs to be happy because she is becoming bua once again. Dolly hugged Anupama and she started crying.

Kinnars came at the Shah house and they said that we have a new rate card in market as if a girl gets born then we take ₹ 5000 and if a boy gets born then we take ₹ 11000, sweet box and a saree. Hasmukh says you should change your rate card as if a girl gets born at our house then we will give ₹ 11000, sweet box and a saree. Kinnars gave blessings that you will be blessed with a baby girl for sure.

At night Leela tells Anupama to sleep and she will take care of the kids. She tells her to not to take tension about America and in a way its good that you did not got selected as you couldn’t have managed their alone during your pregnancy, also you can dance at Dolly’s sangeet. She tells her to sleep and I will wake you up when Vanraj will arrive.

Moti Baa brought coconut water for Anupama and Anupama told her that she gave all the answers right that day during the interview and that day Kanha Ji was my saarthi. She further says that Kanha Ji is saarthi of Arjun and how can his shot missed. Moti Baa says only the person can have the choice to select path who has to walk on it.

Anupama says I won’t cry anymore because I am going to become mother. you are going to bring sweets for me so I will also prepare something for you.

Leela tells Vanraj that Dolly did not allowed her to tear apart Anupama’s passport after which she hides it with Vanraj’s important documents because that’s the only place where Anupama never searches. Vanraj says but she will find out sooner or later and Leela says we will tell her that passport arrived late.

Anupama was decorating the room and she was not finding the lights. She thinks of searching Vanraj’s bag for lights.

Vanraj tells Leela that I told my boss that my wife is pregnant and its a very complicated case so he will convince his wife. Vanraj feeds sweets to Leela and she tells her to keep Anupama happy. Leela warns Vanraj to stop meeting Ritika as she can smell her perfume from his shirt so before going in change your shirt, you have married Anupama and now only she is your wife.

Anupama finds the lights from Vanraj’s bag and the passport fell down from the bag. Anupama gets shocked seeing her passport and she wonders that agent had it so when did it came back. Vanraj changed his shirt. Anupama sees American visa on the passport. Vanraj kissed both Toshu & Samar on forehead as they were sleeping on floor. Vanraj came with sweet box inside the room. He says I brought Gajra for you and he was trying to put it on her hair while Anupama was staring at him holding the passport in her hand. Gajra fell down from Vanraj’s hand and he bends down on his knees to pick it up. Vanraj gets shocked seeing passport in Anupama’s hand.

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