Anupama: Namaste America Episode 10 Written Updates – Anupama exposed Leela & Vanraj in front of Moti Baa

Aupama throws down the passport and Vanraj says its your passport how did it came here. Anupama says visa got approved and Vanraj asks where? He looks at the visa and says its not visa to which Anupama responds Dolly behan showed me on laptop how visa looks. Vanraj says yes I’m saying exactly that the visa got approved but how did it came in my suitcase? He says that maybe Baa or Moti Baa have placed it here by mistake but the bigger thing is that we have found it which is good. He tells Anupama to keep it safe as it might be useful in future. He says that today at office I was thinking if I was in your place and my dream of USA had gotten shattered then I would have gotten broken but women are completely different as their family is way above their dreams, now see for this new born child you sacrificed your dream of going to USA, you gave a big sacrifice but it cannot be seen on your face, truly women is way above these small dreams & ambitions, they are Goddess. He leaves the room saying I am going to wash my hands. Anupama got completely broken down.

Next morning Anupama was making morning tea & coffee in the kitchen. Leela secretly looks at her and thinks that Vanraj told me that Anupama finds out everything and if she blamed me then I will say that we haven’t done anything. Leela came in the kitchen and she started doing the drama of helping Anupama. Anupama stares at her and Leela asks why are you looking at me like this? She says you are going to become a mother so I am helping you. Leela took Moti Baa’s tea and went out of the kitchen to give it to her. Dolly came in the kitchen and she asked Anupama for her coffee. Anupama gave her coffee and Dolly says thank you. Vanraj calls Anupama asking her for tea.

Everyone gathered in the hall and Anupama came with the morning tea. She gave tea to Hasmukh, Vanraj and Leela. Vanraj tells Anupama to sit here with them and take some rest. Vanraj tells Anupama that you forgot to put ginger in my tea. Anupama gets up but Moti Baa tells her to sit down. Moti Baa tells Dolly to put ginger in Vanraj’s tea and boil it once more. Dolly says ok. Moti Baa praised the tea made by Anupama. Vanraj says don’t feel sad as big moment of joy is about to come and these small moments of joy come & go. Leela says for a women, becoming a mother is the biggest happiness so now if you got gold so why are you crying for bronze. Vanraj says if everything was alright then we would’ve considered about it but now there are complications in your pregnancy so how can we let you go? Leela tells Anupama to rise above these small things as they are not important for a mother, mother is a Goddess.

Anupama screams and says that I don’t want to become a Goddess. She continuously started saying I don’t want to become a Goddess. Moti Baa gets shocked and says Anu looking at her. Anupama tells Moti Baa that you were right, calling a woman Goddess is the biggest farce in this world. you were right that day as by calling a women great, people sacrifice her. She says women is Goddess which means she isn’t human and dreams are being seen by humans not by Goddess, humans lives for themselves not Goddess, humans feel bad not Goddess. Anupama was continuously crying and she tells Moti Baa that my husband, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law lied to me, they tried to stop me from going, even they hide my passport, I don’t want to become a Goddess.

Moti Baa hugged Anupama as Anu was crying. She asked Anupama, what happened beta? Hasmukh asks, what are you saying beta? Moti baa looked at Leela, Vanraj & Dolly and says these 3 hide your passport and they lied to you. Hasmukh asks, is this true? Vanraj responds Bapuji its her misunderstanding and there is nothing like that. Anupama says nope now I am clear that you people have cheated me. Vanraj says what kind of cheating as a lot of things goes missing at home so what if a passport went missing and even I talked to your doctor and she said that there are a lot of complications in your pregnancy. Anupama says no there aren’t any problems as doctor told her that she can dance, she can travel America and she can do whatever she wants, there isn’t any problem, how much more you will lie?

Moti Baa stares at Vanraj and she asked him, Vanraj did you lied to my Anupama? Leela came in between and says yes me & my son both lied so what? Hasmukh asks, are you defending her Leela? Leela responds yes because he is saving this house. She tells Anupama that doctor told you that you can do anything so does that mean you will do anything, you will skip rope, will ride motorcycle in maut ka kua, will wrestle in the arena, will you do it?Leela asks. Leela tells Moti Baa that her son lied because he loves her wife and he tried to stop her for her well being. Anupama asks, then why didn’t he said that? also what was the need to lie? Anupama further asks Vanraj, why did he lied to her?

Leela tells Anupama that you can’t talk like this to your husband. Anupama says I want to talk even with you Baa, you are the one who hide my passport. She says in this house I get every courier, telegram, and letter because I am the one who runs as soon as the door bell rings but yesterday I was not at home, neither was Vanraj, nor anyone else except your so that means you received the passport and then hide it.

Anupama asks Dolly that even you didn’t informed me despite of the fact that you are like my sister and friend. Dolly responds I’m sorry bhabhi but mom told me not to tell you. Anupama asks so mom told you and you agreed. Dolly says I am really sorry.

Hasmukh tells Leela that today I am ashamed of you. Moti Baa asks Leela, why did you lied? why did you cheated my Anu? Anupama tells Leela that you should have said just once. Leela says like you have agreed. Anupama says that before marriage you promised my mother that you will let me study further but after marriage you told me that your studies are over now and I agreed, my mother house is only 2 streets away and I desire a lot to go their but you told me that I will only go there during festivals and that too only for 30 minutes to which I agreed then why didn’t you said this Baa, I wouldn’t have refused.

Leela says yes everyone is nice in this house apart from me and my son. Hasmukh says Ulta Chor Kotwal Ko Daante, he further says that you and your son cheated Anupama. Leela says and for so many years I got tortured what about that? She further says that this mahanta ki murat Anupama is saying that you should have told me once so now I am saying tear your passport, burn one page of passport, make water boat with one page and put it in water, clean Samar’s potty with one page of passport, will you do it? Leela asked. Leela says that the way your are crying and saying you should have told me once and once I say it then you get stunned and who to say as nobody listens to me here. Leela tells Moti Baa that you care only about Anu here.

Moti Baa tells Leela that you need to become worthy for my care and she asked Leela, why are you crying? Leela says I will cry and I will say it loudly that I am the one who hides the passport and I would have teared it apart, would’ve burned it but Dolly told me not to do it. Leela says I don’t want my daughter-in-law-to go to America, a mother-in-law has every right to take the decision of her daughter-in-law’s life. Moti Baa asks then how did I forgot about it as I’m also your mother? Moti Baa tells Leela that if Anupama did not went to America then I promise that I won’t even let you see the sunlight. Moti Baa further says that if on your orders she won’t go to America then on my orders you won’t even step outside of this house, You are showing the power of mother-in-law then you will also see the power of mother-in-law, You got it Leela got it.

Leela tells Moti Baa that you’re the one who spoiled her and made her see dreams but she doesn’t know that if a woman’s dreams doesn’t get shattered then her house will break and I never wanted this house to break so I made every single effort due to which Anupama will fail to go to America. Leela confessed that she called Dhamecha family one day early, she is the one because of whom Anupama got late for visa interview, I did everything she said. She tells Anupama that this house, this family, these kids and this husband is your world so live in it, forget that there is a world outside, forget that you had any dreams, you are saying to me that you should have told once so I am telling you 100 times to forget that you had dreams, forget, forget, forget.

Moti Baa raised her hand to slap Leela and she said enough Leela, if you accept your mistake once then sky won’t burst. Vanraj came in between and he tells Moti Baa while staring at her that his mother is not wrong. Moti Baa warns Vanraj saying Gutlu you won’t speak in between.

Anupama breaks her ghungroo by throwing them. She says that these are not just ghungroo but these are her dreams which she broke today herself, even if a glass breaks then Baa talks about it for 2 years but her daughter-in-law’s dreams got shattered and she even didn’t winked, so what should I tell you people as I didn’t cried a single tear after my dreams got shattered, because my family is more important then all of my dreams, because I love you all a lot, that’s why when I broke my dreams I didn’t felt bad, I never thought that I am doing something big. Anupama further says that I didn’t asked you people for any rights but I never thought that when I will get wings to fly then you people will cut them like that.

Anupama asked Leela, is it such a big sin for a housewife to see dreams? Anupama asked Vanraj, does wife dreams itches a lot in eyes? Anupama then asked Leela, does daughter-in-law’s happiness breaks the heart? So why can’t I ask for only 5 days from my own life? Why can’t I expect support from you people? Why you people felt a lot of burden while giving me only 5 days of my life? Anupama once again asked them both why?

Anupama says I wanted to sit in plane and go to America, I wanted to dance there on stage and hear people clapping for me, I wanted to live for myself for once. Anupama was crying. Moti Baa sits down. Dolly went inside. Anupama tells Vanraj I am not sad because my dreams got shattered but I am sad that you broke my dream, I don’t want your sorry Toshu ke Papa but I want to see the realisation in your eyes that you understand my pain. Vanraj turns his eyes away. Anupama went inside the room and she closed the door.

Vanraj thinks, what’s this tamasha, she will stay sad for 1 or two weeks and then she will calm down but she iis going to become mother so I need to pacify her, what should I do?

Vanraj came inside the room and he gave chocolates to both Samar & Toshu after which they went outside. Vanraj closed the door from inside. He sits alongside Anupama and tells her not to cry because its not good for the child. Vanraj says that what Baa did was not a conspiracy as it was out of concern and what I did was due to fear as if you would have went there and something would have happened then. Vanraj told her that we didn’t cheated you only we kept the truth hidden and that too for us. Vanraj says I have a habit of stay with you and if you would have went there then, how did I managed even 1 day without you, what about kids and Baa Bapuji. Vanraj further says that Moti Baa was sending you but what would have been her condition without you and now the situation is different Anu as you are not alone, you have a unborn child with you. Vanraj kissed on her forehead. Vanraj apologized to Anupama for whatever happened and he says I did it all because I can’t stay without you. Anupama asked Vanraj, whatever happened that night, was that love or a plan? She further asked, was that a ploy to stop me?

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