PrimePlay Aakhri Iccha (2023) Web Series Lead Actresses Names, Release Date, Story Details, Pics, and More

Trailer of PrimePlay Aakhri Iccha web series is out now and this hospital based fantasy drama will feature multiple gorgeous actresses in the lead roles of doctor, nurse, and young hot intern. Fans are very hyped about this new Aakhri Iccha web series by PrimePlay OTT platform and we will reveal complete information about it in this article further.

PrimePlay Web Series Aakhri Ichcha (2023) Full Story Written Updates

The story revolves around a senior doctor who is going through a bad phase in his life. His co-worker takes him to a Guruji and Guruji suggests him to fulfil three wishes of a young 20 year old guy in order to change his fortunes.

In his pursuit to fulfil the three wishes of young guy, the senior doctor will be seen romancing his hot young intern in front of the patient. The senior doctor convinces his young female intern for romance by assuring him of a job as a doctor in his own hospital in future.

What is the name of lead actresses in PrimePlay Aakhri Iccha Web Series?

Malvika Tomar, Nishitha, and Poonam Rajput are the three main lead actresses in PrimePlay Aakhri Iccha web series.

What is the release date of PrimePlay Aakhri Iccha Web Series?

PrimePlay Aakhri Iccha Web Series will release on Friday, 15 September 2023 at 12:00 AM IST.

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