Anupama: Namaste America Episode 8 Written Updates – Anupama’s visa gets approved and Vanraj shocked

Vanraj looked at his watch and says that its already 10:30 am and now Anu can’t reach for visa interview on time.

Anupama tells Hasmukh that it seems that we will stay stuck in this traffic jam for too long and she requested to go on foot. Hasmukh says but Visa office is too far and Anupama responds but I can’t stay away from my dreams anymore.

Vanraj comes home and he tells Dhamecha family that I got stuck at work. Moti Baa says that now you have arrived so finalize the marriage. Vanraj calls Anupama asking her to bring water. Dolly brought water for Vanraj. Vanraj asks, Where is Anupama? Leela says that she went to embassy with Bapuji. Vanraj thinks damn it Leela called Dhamecha family to come here and she sent me for work early, now if Anupama reached for interview on time then everything will go in vain.

Anupama asked Rickshaw driver, is there any other route? He responds no there isn’t. Bapuji allowed Anupama to go on foot after which she took off her slippers and started running towards embassy. Anupama meets a girl on the way and she was dressed as Lord Krishna. The girl dropped Anupama to embassy on her scooter and Anupama thanked her for the lift.

Dolly tells Moti Baa that its a yes from her side for the marriage. Anupama came back from the interview and she started crying. She says that she got failed because when she reached there, she got panicked and she answered all questions wrong. Vanraj and Leela got happy knowing that Anupama failed but they did drama in front of her by trying to calm her down.

Leela tells Anupama there is a good news because Dolly’s wedding got finalized. Vanraj tells Anupama that in a way you getting failed is positive because you will be able to participate in Dolly’s wedding. Vanraj eats sweets and feeds her sweets.

Vanraj informed his boss that Anupama’s interview went very bad and she failed. Boss says that still official result has not arrived. Vanraj says she is a housewife so what more can you expect from her. Vanraj’s boss says that by hearing you it seems that you never wanted to send her to America. Vanraj says I don’t know sir why did you felt that because I always supported her.

2 weeks later Anupama sees the pamphlet of trip to America and she started crying. Samar tells her not to cry and she hugged him.

Door Bell rings and Ritika opened the door. Vanraj was outside and he comes inside after which she closed the door. Ritika sits on his lap and says finally I was calling you since long, now you are coming. Vanraj says Ritika please I didn’t came here to do all this, don’t do this please. He pushes her away. Vanraj gets up but Ritika grabbed his hand and pulls him towards her. He tried to get away but she grabbed her collar and pulls her towards her again. Ritika tried to do a lip lock with Vanraj and she says lets go with me to US as there’s a new world waiting for us. Vanraj gets away and Ritika says no matter how much you deny but the truth is you love me only so go with me to US and from there you can keep on sending money to your family, I am not even telling you for divorce, just go with me as I am the one who is made for you not Anupama. Vanraj says shut up, just shut up Ritika and then he moves away.

Anupama got unconscious and Dolly, Samar, Toshu, Hasmukh, & Moti Baa asked her what happened?

Ritika grabbed Vanraj’s collar and says Vanraj you can’t leave just like this by rejecting me, don’t you dare. Vanraj asks, what will you do if I leave? He says that when you left me I felt a lot of pain and now its you turn, what you think, whenever you want you can kick me out and leave also when you want you will come and sit on my lap, these things are done by those people who have a collar on their neck and lion doesn’t have a collar and Vanraj Shah is a lion and not a circus lion but a forest lion

Vanraj’s boss called him on phone and he informed Vanraj that Anupama’s visa for America got approved. Ritika hugged Vanraj from behind and she says sorry but I heard everything your boss said, your wife is going away from you and I am coming close to you, very close.

Leela was cooking in the kitchen and she started bickering about Anupama getting unconscious as now they have to pay her hospital bills also they need to buy medicines & juice for her. Courier boy came and he gave Anupama’s passport with visa to Leela. She got shocked knowing that Anupama can go to America now.

Doctor at hospital informed Anupama that she is 99.99% sure that Anupama is pregnant. Anupama gets very happy knowing about her pregnancy. Moti Baa wishes for a baby girl from Anupama this time.

Leela opened Anupama’s passport and then she looked at Toshu. She says kids are very naughty as no matter how important the paper is but still they tear it apart.

Anupama asked doctor, Can she go to America on plane? Doctor says she can definitely go. Doctor asked, When are you going to America? Anupama responds I don’t know when but still have hope. Doctor says all the best. Anupama puts her hand on her belly and gets happy.

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