Anupama Episode 16 September 2021 Written Update – Devika persuades Anupama to accept Anuj’s offer

Bapuji shouts at Leela and she says I am just asking a question. Toshu supports Baa and Samar says bhai calm down. Toshu says it happened because of you Samar and Samar says why you came here as you should have stayed in penthouse. Toshu says I wouldn’t have found out how deep is their friendship. Anupama scolds Toshu for questioning her friendship and says Anuj did not gave her the job because of their friendship.

Vanraj started blaming Anupama says there is some other motive behind this friendship and I know it very well. Samar says you can’t talk to my mother like this Mr. Shah and Vanraj says you can’t talk to your father like that. Kinjal supported Samar and Bapuji says I am also with her. Tohu asks if Anuj Kapadia is just a college friend of mom then why he used to visit here everyday. Baa said the same and Toshu says this all happened because of Samar.

Toshu says maybe Anuj planned the accident and then did the drama of saving Samar so he an get an entry to this house. Kijal says this is not a serial or a movie scene as Anuj saved Samar by putting his life at risk and you are doubting him just because he is mom’s friend. Toshu responds to Kinjal this not a coincidence. Kavya says your mummy has not become PM after this Samar says but she is miles ahead of you right now. Toshu says because of Anuj’s favour and Samar says no because of her ability.

Kinjal says Anuj Kapadia is not a bad person and Samar seconds that saying every person is not like Kavya’s husband. Vanraj shouts at Samar. Kavya says he doesn’t know how to behave with his father. Kinjal says yes only Kavya knows about behaviour here. Kavya says oh really. Kinjal says oh God here we should have conversation only with intelligent people at least they understand sarcasm. Bapuji tells them to keep quiet.

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Vanraj tells Anupama to refuse Anuj and say no. Anupama tells him to go and check calendar maybe you will remember that you are not my husband anymore. Baa says I am mother so I can say that you have to refuse.

Later Vanraj provokes Toshu and tell him to convince Anupama so she will refuse Anuj’s offer and Toshu agrees. While Devika came as Bapuji told her to convince Anupama to accept the offer. Devika tells Anupama to take a stand for herself and think about her happiness at least for once.

Precap: Anuj opens the sweet box and Vanraj asks what’s the reason of joy behind it. Anupama says this is for my new partnership. She takes the pen from Vanraj’s pocket and signs the contract papers in front of him

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