Woh To Hai Albelaa episode 6 written updates 21 March 2022 – Krishna finds about Chiru and Sayuri’s relationship

At college Krishna and Nakul started dancing with other college students on Munda Kukkad Kamaal Da. Sayuri was getting angry seeing Kanha having fun and Rashmi was getting happy seeing Nakul. Two boys flirted with Sayuri saying is this your handkerchief and she left saying no. They say Sayuri madam is very hot. Krishna beats them both and Nakul stopped him. Nakul asks Krishna, did something happened and he responds that even I annoy Sayuri but never crossed the limit. Krishna and Nakul once again started dancing and Sayuri by putting her feet under Krishna’s leg made him fall on ground. Krishna gets up and both Sayuri and Krishna charged at each other. Rashmi and Nakul grabbed them from behind. Krishna says your name should have been Bhasuri instead of Sayuri and she responds saying that Bhasuri will come in your life in a few days when you will get the news and at that time not only your parrots but also horses and donkeys will fly away.

Dhanraj and Tej Pratap came back home and Saroj asked them why didn’t Chiru came with you two. She says it seems like he is busy finalizing the deal with Dharmesh Ji and Dhanraj says he is not with Dharmesh. Saroj says he should come soon and Tej tells her that you should have asked Chiru if he actually wants to marry or not. Saroj responds that Chiru gave me the authority to decide a girl for him and Tej says but he also said that he will finalize the girl and its a evading tactic and you should not be in so much of hurry. Saroj says I think you both are thinking so much if there was anything like this then Chiru would have told me and Dhanraj says only Chiru can answer this.

Sayuri was eating mangoes sitting on a tree and Chiru came there. He tells whatever mom said earlier today I am sorry for that and she said I can understand. Chiru says I did got the time to talk to mom about us and she says its ok and I have full faith on you but don’t take so much time or else time will go away. Chiru tells Sayuri that I am so lucky that I got a life partner like you and Sayuri responds I have not yet become your life partner and Chiru says you will become. Sayuri asks are you sure and Chiru says of course unless God has something else in mind for us.

Saroj was trying to call Chiru but his phone was not reachable and then she called Krishna. He asked her what’s the order and she says Chiru has not arrived yet and girls family is about to arrive. Krishna says can I sit in front of them wearing sehra just like serials. Saroj tells him to stop joking. Krishna asks Nakul, Its weird agent N that Chiru bhaiya is not at work and not at home. Nakul says agent K its Ladki Ka Chakkar Babu Bhaiya. Krishna says its not possible as outside our house Chiru Bhaiya knows only three girls, Rashmi, Priya, and Sayuri so there isn’t any scope of that.

Chiru says that this tree has gotten way taller and Sayuri responds that it has also grown strong like our relation. Chiru says that during our childhood we used to meet here and Sayuri says I still remember the first time you helped me in climbing the tree and then your back got hurt after which I felt a lot of pain. Chiru asks my back got hurt and you felt pain and Sayuri says because that day we fallen in love after which we went back home and told mom to make Kheer but nobody knows the reason till now. Sayuri asks for how much more time we have to meet like this and Chiru says its only a matter of few days. Sayuri asks but still we will come here as it will always remain our first house. Thee was a beautiful tree house on the tree. Chiru says I have to leave as some guests are coming home and Sayuri says, the girls family. Krishna started calling Chiru and Sayuri says its Kanha’s voice, this boy comes everywhere I go and didn’t let me have some peace for once.

Krishna was continuously calling Chiru and he tells Nakul that his car is here so he should be here. Sayuri tells Chiru if Krishna finds out about us then he can create a big problem and Chiru responds he is not bad by heart as his intentions are always right. Sayuri responds but his actions are always wrong. Chiru went down from the tree and he meets Krishna and Nakul. Krishna asks Chiru what are you doing here and Chiru says I came here to drive the car a bit. Krishna says I have seen your car here many times. On the tree Sayuri says mostly his brain doesn’t work but in things like this he becomes CID detective. Krishna tells Chiru that Saroj is waiting for you so lets go or else she will get angry. Nakul says yes girls family are coming home and maybe we will get our bhabhi today. Sayuri hears this and gets sad. Krishna tells Nakul to drive Chiru’s car and I will take him on my bike. Chiru says you both do rash driving so I will drive the car, you both go and I am coming. Krishna asks why are you talking like this and Chiru says nothing its just some stress of work. Chiru thinks its not right to lie to my brothers and I will tell them the truth at the right time. Krishn and Nakul leaves. Krishna thinks that bhaiya is definitely hiding something.

Chiru tells Sayuri to come down as they both left. Sayuri jumps down and Chiru catches her in his arms. He tells her that if something had happened to you then I would have died and Sayuri says what about me. She tells Chiru that girls family are coming to see you and Chiru promised her that he will talk to his mother but he just needs some time. Both Sayuri and Chiru said I love you to each other and then they sit in car and left. It turns out that Krishna saw everything and he says no after that he says that I would have understood that Sayuri and Chiru bhaiya are together. He saw all the flashbacks or Holi celebrations and also Sayuri warning him that you will get a earth shattering news soon. Chiru dropped Sayuri back home. Krishna started running in anger.

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