Kundali Bhagya 16 September 2021 Written Update – Yasshvardhan brings Police to arrest Karan

Karan and Sameer were playing catch catch with a bet whoever wins Pihu will reward him with a chocolate. Karan’s phone rings and Sameer wins the game. Preeta brings milkshake for Pihu. Pihu gives chocolate to Sameer but Karan snatches it away from her and Sameer started chasing him. Bani Dadi, Mahesh, Kareena and Rakhi were laughing seeing them happy.

Door bell rings and Preeta opens the door. Yashvar brings the police to get Karan arrested on the charges of getting Sonakshi kidnapped. Luthra’s say Karan has not done it. Sonakshi came downstairs on a wheel chair and tells the inspector that Luthra’s are taking care of her and her dad is lying. Yashvardhan tells Sonakshi to tell the police that Karan has kidnapped her and Preeta tried to kill her but Sonakshi refused to do what he is saying.

Yashvardhan tells inspector to arrest Karan. Inspector says you are under arrest but Sonakshi says he has not done anything wrong. Yashvardhan tells Sonakshi to choose either Luthra’s or me. Sonakshi says I will support the truth and chooses Luthra’s. Yashvardhan breaks all relations with Sonakshi and leaves from there.

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Sonakshi started crying as she doesn’t have any real relation left. Preeta tells her that you can stay here till you get alright. Kareena tried to stop Preeta but Bani dadi says that Preeta is right. Sameer and Kritika informed Srishti about all this on video call and asks her to give some idea to get Sonakshi out of here. There was a network problem in the call and the call gets disconnected.

Kareena comes to Bani dadi’s room and tells her that you did wrong by letting Sonakshi stay here. Bani dadi says I am your mom and I know what’s right. She tells Kareena that you are insecure because you lied and brought Sonakshi’s daughter here. Kareena says its nothing like as she knows Sonakshi will create problems.

Karan tells Preeta that Sonakshi is not the right kind of girl and don’t get too much attached to her.

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