Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Episode 16 September 2021 Written Update – Sai requests for college transfer

Bhavani says Virat did the right thing by locking Sai in the room. Sonali says the problem is Sai did not received Good upbringing. Karishma seconds Sonali’s thoughts and says I received good upbringing by my family as I was not allowed to go out of house afrer 7:00 PM. Shivani says that’s why you ran away with Mohit and she asks if there were that many restrictions then when did you met Mohit. Sonali tried to stop Shivani then she says that the people who try to find problems in other needs to be answerable themselves. She tells Karishma not to try to bring down others. Bhavani gave all the responsibilities for the Pooja to Karishma and Shivani, Sonali agrees with it.

Sai went to the principal office and asked him to get her transferred to a college near her hometown Gadchiroli. Principal says this is the best medical college in Nagpur but still you want that. Sai says I have some personal reasons with I cannot tell you about. Principal says I will tell you on Monday after talking to the higher authorities. Pulkit comes in the Principal office and he gets to know about Sai’s transfer request.

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Pakhi and Samrat comes downstairs for the pooja and everyone gets mesmerized seeing Pakhi’s beauty. Bhavani says touchwood to her. Karishma says I hope there will be a function like this for me as well. Shivani says you are looking more beautiful then me today. Bhavani tells Virat to bring Sai down.

Pulkit asks Sai why she requested for her transfer. Sai says the situation got worse between me and Virat after Samrat and Pakhi’s reunion. Pulkit things she is talking like a wife finally as all her complains are typical husband wife complains. Sai says I don’t want to be a part of this function as the whole family has problem with me.

Devi comes and she also praised Pakhi for her beauty. Pakhi gets shocked as Devi praised her for the first time and she says that am I seeing a dream that Devi tai has praised me for the first time. Samrat asks why are you taunting her. Pakhi says because she never said good about me. Devi says because there is nothing good in you. Pakhi asks where is Sai and Shivani says Virat locked her in the room. Samrat stares at Virat.

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