Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 12 April 2021 Written – ACP Vijay comes to arrest Preeta

ACP Vijay asks Karan to tell him where was he yesterday. Karan tell ACP Vijay that he was waiting for Preeta in the hotel. He further tells him that Mahira was also with him. Vijay says Prithvi didn’t said anything yet. Prithvi recalls how he met Akshay. Vijay asks Preeta that does she know why he asked everyone because he really doesn’t know about them but he knows about her. Karan asks him that what is he saying. Vijay asks Preeta that will she tell everything or he has to reveal the truth. He says to Luthra’s that they found Akshay’s murderer and that is Preeta so he came to arrest her. He orders lady constable Susheela to arrest Preeta. Karan asks him that what proof he has against Preeta to arrest her.

Prithvi says to ACP Vijay that Preeta is not that kind of person. Vijay asks him that why Prithvi behaving like her lawyer and tells Susheela to arrest Preeta. Karan interferes saying they can’t arrest her and asks about the proof. Vijay asks him that what proof Karan has to prove Preeta’s innocence. Rakhi asks them to stop arguing and says she want to talk to Preeta alone. She pleads Vijay to give permission to talk to Preeta for 5 minutes. He nods at her. Rakhi takes Preeta with her. Karan asks Vijay to arrest him. Vijay says to him that he doesn’t have any proof to suspect him in Akshay’s murder so he can’t arrest him. Karan says that means Vijay has proof against Preeta.

On the other hand, Rakhi asks Preeta that did she went to hotel to meet Akshay. Preeta says to her that she didn’t wanted to hurt anyone but Vijay telling the truth. She says to her that she went to meet Akshay and decides to hide about Kritika. Rakhi says to her that she knows that Preeta can’t hurt anyone and asks her to tell the truth. She asks why Preeta went to meet Akshay. Preeta says she was not aware of Akshay’s murder until Vijay informed them.

Preeta says to her that she saw Akshay’s number in Kritika’s recent call history so she wanted to warn Akshay because he was not a good guy. She says to her that he misbehaved with her so she hit him with tray and left from there. Rakhi says to her that it’s just a half truth and asks her to tell the complete truth. Preeta says to her that she is not hiding anything. Rakhi asks her to escape through window saying she will handle other things.

Vijay yells at Karan and asks who is he to criticize his job. Karan says to him that he won’t let him arrest Preeta. Vijay asks Constable to arrange one more handcuffs to arrest Karan. Kareena says to him that Karan’s reaction is normal as a husband so Police can’t arrest him. She says to him that her Lawyer will talk to him. Vijay says to her that seems like Kritika knows that Preeta is Akshay’s murderer. Rakhi comes there. Vijay asks her about Preeta. Susheela goes inside the house and comes out with Preeta. Rakhi asks Preeta that why she didn’t escape.

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