MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 1 Recap: What Happened on March 30, 2024? Full Written Updates

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 1 started with Sunny Leone’s grand entrance, accompanied by the melodious tune of “Humein Toh Lut Liya” from Pathan. Sunny expressed that in today’s world, everyone craves true love, which is why they seek it out in Splitsvilla.

As the girls embarked on their journey to Splitsvilla 15 island, their introductions unfolded. Anicka admired Akriti Negi, likening her to Alia Bhatt.

Upon reaching the island, the girls were thrilled to see the imposing MTV Splitsvilla 15 banner. A picturesque bridge and a sprawling swimming pool added to the excitement.

Curiosity piqued among the girls when they encountered a “no entry” sign at the villa, speculating about the arrival of the handsome boys.

The girls received their first scroll instructing them to enjoy by the poolside until Sunny arrived to turn up the heat, which they enthusiastically obliged. Clad in bikini outfits, they made quite a splash in the pool.

Sunny Leone finally made her grand entrance, and the girls danced with joy by the poolside in her welcome. Sunny extended her greetings to all the girls for joining MTV Splitsvilla 15, and soon her new co-host Tanuj Virwani joined. The girls were impressed by Tanuj’s charm, finding him adorable.

Akriti Negi wooed Tanuj with a shayari, causing him to blush, while other girls attempted to impress him with their creative pickup lines.

Tanuj advised the girls to maintain mutual respect, emphasizing that respect begets respect. Sunny emphasized the importance of good hygiene, which all the girls concurred with.

The girls shared their preferences regarding the type of boy they desired.

The boys’ pictures were gradually revealed on the “no-entry” signs, each wearing masks representing their spirit animals. The girls had to select the spirit animal along with its corresponding quotes.

Some girls found the spirit animal lines of the turtle and moose to be less favourable.

Sunny distributed squeeze bands to the girls, which they had to give to the boy of their choice.

Finally, all the boys made their way onto the stage.:

1. Jashwanth Bopanna: Splirit Animal – The Dog
2. Addy: Spirit Animal – The Falcon
3. Siwet Tomar: Spirit Animal – The Tiger
4. Harsh Arora: Spirit Animal – The Moose
5. Dev Karan: Spirit Animal – The Humming Bird
6. Yuvraj Singh Bassii: Spirit Animmal – The Rabbit
7. Ayushmaan Maggu: Sprit Animal – The Eagle
8. Adit Manocha: Spirit Animal – The Turtle
9. Aniket Pakhrin Lama: Spirit Animal – The Hawk
10. Arbaz Patel: Spirit Animal – The Lion

A dispute arose between Siwet and Akriti when Akriti accused Siwet of alleging that she flirted with numerous boys during a live video session post-Roadies. Meanwhile, other boys endeavoured to captivate the attention of all the girls by showcasing their dance moves or flaunting their well-defined physiques.

Yuvraj Singh Bassii humorously quipped that his only talent lies in not possessing any particular talent, eliciting laughter from all the girls. A playful disagreement ensued between Yuvraj and Addy.

Adit Manocha took a different approach to impress the girls by serenading them with the song “Tum Paas Aaye” while playing the guitar.

In the end, the girls simply picked the boys they liked most by handing them the squeeze bands :

  • Jashwanth Bopanna received bands from Akriti Negi, Khanak Waghnani, Nidhi Goyal, Ishita Rawat
  • Harsh Arora received bands from Khanak Waghnani, Shyrinn Anicka, and Rushali Yadav
  • Siwet Tomar received bands from Kashish Kapoor, Rushali Yadav, and Shyrinn Anicka
  • Arbaz Patel received band from Kashish Kapoor
  • Addy received band from Akriti Negi
  • Adit Manocha received band from Dewangini Vyas
  • Dev Karan received band from Ameha Gurung
  • Ayushmaan received band from Shobhika

No girl gave band to Yuvraj Bassi and Aniket Pakhrin Lama

Addy declined to accept the band from Khanak, expressing his reluctance to be seen as someone’s backup option.

Uorfi Javed, known as the Mischief Maker, made her introduction, promising to add an extra dash of excitement to the season.

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