ALT Balaji Hai Taubba Season 3 Episode 3 (Mera Pati Kutta Hai) Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

The episode starts with Vikram taking a shower and a chubby girl named Sanvi searching on laptop on how to lose her virginity? Vikram comes out and tells her that he is ready to help her all she needs to do is to take his name. Sanvi shouts Vikram and they both made love on bed.

Sanvi goes to her house and she meets her widow bhabhi (Adhya). Adhya enquires Sanvi about the love bites on her shoulders and Sanvi tells her about Vikram. Adhya tells Sanvi to marry him but Sanvi says she has Manglik dosh. Adhya says she does not believe in it and ask her to go.

Adhya’s servant Sukumari gave her a oil massage and asks her why she forced Sanvi to marry Vikram. Adhya says she does not believe in such backward things. Sukumari gave Adhya oil massage on legs, back and feet.

Sanvi comes back with a dog named Zorse and she says that Vikram refused for the marriage. Sukumari suggests to get Sanvi married to a dog so her Manglik dosh will go away in a week. Sanvi marries Zorse. At her first night Sanvi gets drunk and feel asleep while Sukumari was spying on them from outside and she laughs.

Sanvi goes with Zorse outside and people makes fun of her. Zorse goes in some bushes and outcomes a man with Zorse dog collar saying that he is Zorse and he has turned into a man. Adhya and Sanvi accepted him while Sukumar says he is doing drama.

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Zorse does not know anything about satisfying a women. Adhya tells him that she will teach him and they both made love on bed while Sukumari watches them from outside. Adhya tells Sukumari to teach some poses to Zorse. Sukumari says she won’t make love with a dog.

Zorse later makes love with Sanvi on bed and Adhya sees them from outside and gets angry. Adhya takes Zorse in her car after making some drama. On the way she stopped the car and slapped him and it turns out that it was all their plan as they both are lovers. Sukumari sees them and they tried to catch them but failed.

Adhya and Zorse reaches home and Sanvi points a gun at them. She tells them that she knew about their plan from the start and she is playing them too. Zorse says his real name is Manav. She asks Manav to choose between either Sanvi or Adhya and if he chooses Adhya then she will shoot herself and if he chooses Sanvi then she will shoot Adhya.

Manav says ee can’t choose so she needs to shoot him as he loves both of them. Sukumari says she will call the police. Sanvi shoots Sukumari. Both Sanvi and Adhya started kissing Manav and episode ended.


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