Woh To Hai Albelaa episode 7 written updates 22 March 2022 – Krishna tells Sayuri to stay away from Chiru

Saroj was doing preparations for the Shagun ceremony and she saw a packet of Sayuri masala in the thali after which she throws it away but Chiru catches it. She advices Chiru to throw it away and don’t look behind after that. Chiru puts the packet in his pocket. Krishna came back home but he saw everyone doing Aarti and then he joined them. Family of girl for Chiru’s marriage proposal arrived.

Girls mother says that there was a time when your family was poor and everything belonged to Balwant Ji and now see. Saroj responds saying its all because of my Chiru. Saroj introduces Krishna and Nakul to the parents of the girl and they say that Krishna makes vlogs and even their daughter is a big fan of him.

Chiru took out his handkerchief to clean his face and the packet of Sayuri masala fell down from his pocket. Krishna grabbed the packet and went out to confront Sayuri. Storm started and Sayuri went out to take the clothes from the wire. A dupatta fell on Krishna face and Sayuri says what you are doing here get lost, don’t you remember what happened at college today or you are not getting your food digested without getting insulted now a days.

Krishna throws the dupatta on floor and Sayuri says what’s this nonsense. Krishna throws the Sayuri masala packet in front of her and asks her did you find only my brother to get fallen in love with.

Saroj sees the picture of the girl and she says its a yes from my side. Tej says you should ask Chiru as well. Pandit ji says that all the 32 qualities are matching and this is a perfect match. Saroj asks Chiru about his decision and he did not said anything. Tej says to girl’s family that we will tell you after some time.

Krishna orders Sayuri to stay away from my brother and Sayuri says have you asked your brother, can he stay without me. Krishna says you took advantage of my brothers innocence. Sayuri responds your brother is not a kid, we love each other. Krishna says he can’t love you because you are not up to his level. Sayuri says you are not qualified enough to be called his brother.

Sayuri tells Krishna to never come to her again and Krishna warns her to stay away from their life. Sayuri says go and ask your brother who proposed whom. She further tells Krishna that I even did not like your face and Krishna says that the end result of this will be very bad.

Sayuri tells Krishna that I am not afraid of you and Krishna asks her are you taking revenge of what happened that day at Holi. Sayuri says now you are talking like a fool and Krishna says its not a film. Sayuri responds there are more twists in real life. Krishna tells her to not to try to become a heroine and Sayuri says your brother has selected me.

Krishna tells Sayuri that I will keep my brother away from you and Sayuri says this means you will hurt your brother. Krishna says I don’t want my mom to get hurt and what will you do. Sayuri says I will go and marry your brother right now in temple. He throws the dupatta down and started jumping on it.

Sayuri tells Krishna that I will marry Chiru because I love him and Krishna says I will die but will never let this happen. Sayuri says what will you do, you will tell your mom or will provoke your brother against me, I will marry Chiru and you will see Tamasha. Krishna leaves from there.

Krishna went back to his home and he took Chiru to the bedroom telling Nakul to keep a watch outside and not let anyone come inside. Sayuri started getting restless and she started calling Chiru but he did not picked up her phone. Krishna hugged Chiru and started crying after which he asked him who called you.

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