Anupamaa 8 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Kavya taunts Vanraj

Anuj was having headache because of migraine and Anupama gave him chocolate milk and tells him to drink it by the count of 10, Anuj drinks it. Anupama says I will send food for you and take care of yourself. Anuj says Anupama was with me the whole day but still I felt like stopping her.

Anupama gives Vanraj tea and she had a conversation with him. She tells him if I am not yours then why are you scared and she says why are you so stubborn. She further says that for Baa Bapuji’s happiness we are living under one roof but that doesn’t mean we should interfere in each others lives. She said at the time of divorce I asked you only or peace and can’t you give me just that. It turns out that was a dream of Vanraj. He sees Anupama and went to talk to her but Anupama got a call from Anuj and Vanraj stopped there.

Kavya had a fight with Vanraj in front of Baa and Anupama. Kavya taunts him saying that you are jealous. Baa blames Anupama for the fight and tells him that a man and a woman can never be a friend. Kinjal tells Anupama to ignore Baa and Anupama says that it still felt bad.

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Kavya tells Vanraj that I told you I will handle cafe. Vanraj says you are jealous of Anupama because you want to become business woman like her. Vanraj warned Kavya that he is still the same husband. Baa saw them fighting and she prays to Thakur Ji that I hope this Anuj and Anupama topic gets over soon.

Nandini made an email id on Anuj’s company site with Anupamaa name. Anuj gets happy seeing Anupama’s first email. He says a call and says what. He tells GK now I need to call Anupama. Anuj tells Anupama something on phone. Later in the day Vanraj finds out from Baa that Samar is going to Delhi for a corporate award function and Anuj is sending him there.

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