Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 29 April 2021 Written – Mahi sees Harman and Soumya in each other arms

Preeto hugs Harman after knowing his truth and starts crying. Mahi asks is this true you are our Harman? Back to reality dream sequence ended, Harman asks Soumya why are you taking so much time to apologise. Soumya thinks if she reveals Harman’s truth Harman will convince everyone with his drama.

Soumya apologises to Harman saying she talked to him rudely. She tells Harman to stay back. Harman says even if you refuse to apologise I won’t go. Preeto tells Harman to come for dinner. Mahi gets suspicious. Harman says I wont leave until I prove I am Harman. Soumya gives him open challenge that she will throw him out within 24 hours otherwise her name is not Soumya Harman Singh.

Virat gives medicines to Simran which was sent by Rohan. Simran gets upset why Rohan didn’t come with him. He has so much ego. Virat says keep your volume low, your baby will wake up. He makes her understand that Rohan is best husband for her. Simran asks Virat then why you forgot about relationship with Heer. Why are you getting married again? Virat says his life has become complicated. He doesn’t want Simran to leave her ideal partner like him. Virat also says Simran won’t reveal about his second marriage to Rohan.

Soumya sneaks into Harman’s room to find some clue against him at night. Mahi follows her. Soumya was about to fall and Harman holds her. Mahi sees them together and gets shocked. Mahi thinks of exposing them.

Soumya says to Harman I don’t need your help. Harman says but I save you always. Mahi starts shouting and calls everyone. Soumya closes the door. Mahi lies that she saw a shadow, thief entered Harman’s room maybe. Harman is not opening the door. Preeto Harak tell Harman to open the door. Mahi thinks now Soumya and Harman both will get caught , Harak will break the door.

Soumya decides to tell the truth to her family but Harman stops her saying this is not the right time to say anything as everyone can misunderstand them. Harman says you didn’t tell them truth before and didn’t allow me to confess as well. Soumya says but now I don’t want to deceive them. Mahi knows everything already. Harman doesnt let Soumya open the door.

Harman tells Soumya to hide. He puts her inside cupboard saying don’t come out until I tell you. Harak keeps knocking. Harman turns on the light and opens the window. Harak breaks the door and sees Harman is lying on ground. Harak tries to wake him up and sprinkles water on his face. Harman starts acting that someone hit him and he fell unconscious. Mahi wonders where is Soumya.

Preeto says Mahi saw someone has entered in Harman’s room thats why they were worried. Mahi doubts Soumya can be inside the cupboard. She tries to open it and Soumya gets scared. Preeto tells Mahi to make kadha for Harman. Mahi leaves.

Harman thanks everyone for saving him. Soumya thinks Harman is dramebaz. Raavi notices the window is open. Mahi gives kadha to Harman. Harman tells Mahi not to worry as thief ran off. Mahi thinks she won’t let Harman and Soumya win. Mahi asks where is Soumya. Why hasn’t she come out after all the chaos. Is she in danger? Harman and Soumya get shocked.

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