Woh To Hai Albelaa episode 3 written updates 16 March 2022 – Krishna almost caught Chiru and Sayuri romancing

Chiru eats dinner made by Saroj and tells her that he doesn’t like food made by anyone else. Saroj says even I don’t like when you call me wrong. Chiru tells his mom that you are only hurting yourself by hating that family and she says that she doesn’t care. Even Tej and Dhanraj tried to explain to her but she remembers Indu slapping her and says that when I die only then my hatred will get over.

Krishna was eating apple in the balcony and Sayuri was eating apple in the courtyard of her house and they passed hateful gestures while staring at each other. Chiru gifted a new camera to Krishna and a smartphone to Nakul. All three brothers had a lot of fun in the room as Nakul got dressed as Crime Master Gogo, Krishna as Jack Sparrow and Chiru as a Safari Captain.

Chiru received a call from someone named Teacher Ji on his phone and he went out to meet her. Chiru meets Sayuri outside and gifted her a beautiful heart shaped hair clip. Krishna was playing with the new camera and it fell from his hands while Chiru and Sayuri were having a romantic time together. Krishna checks that if he recorded the flying camera shot but fortunately for Chiru and Sayuri that video got deleted as Krishna doesn’t knew how to operate the new camera.

Sayuri tells Chiru that she hates Krishna a lot and he tells her that he loves his brother the most. Chiru says that one day I will change your hatred for Krishna into love and she says that this can’t happen. Chiru says that we brothers fulfil what we say even we have to die for that. He then tells her that tomorrow he will talk to Saroj about their marriage.

Saroj tells Dhanraj and Tej that tomorrow Pandit Ji will come to find a girl for Chiru’s marriage. Next morning Sayuri was doing Pooja of Shri Krishna by singing and in his room Krishna says that every morning she starts chanting my name and I want to put my bike’s silencer in her throat.

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