Kiku Sharda roasts Arnab Goswami on The Kapil Sharma Show Episode 4 October 2020 Written Details

On todays episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ Manoj Bajpayee and Anubhav Sinha arrived as the special guests and they had a fun interaction with Kapil Sharma as well as Archana Puran Singh but the biggest highlight of the entire episode was comedian Kiku Sharda making fun of journalist ‘Arnab Goswami.’ TKSS 4 Oct 2020 episode on TV will air at around 9:30 PM IST but we will give you a glimpse of what’s about to happen on this fun filled episode.

Kiku Sharda sits at a fake newsroom set dressed as Arnab Goswami and says all of you are welcomed to ‘Raddi News’ and I am Bachcha Yadav. Krishna Abhishek who was dressed as a female journalist introduced herself as Sapna from Nala Sopara. Kiku then says so today evening our guests are here please offer them some tea or coffee. Sapna (Krishna Abhishek) responds that Doodhwala didn’t came today sir. Kiku as fake Arnab started shouting Breaking News our Doodhwala didn’t came today, Breaking News Doodhwala come forward where are you hiding, Where are you Doodhwala? Manoj Bajpayee and Archana Puran Singh started laughing.

Kiku Sharda as Arnab asks Manoj Bajpayee a question, You have Anubhav (experience) of about 25 years in this industry then what happened that leaving that 25 years Anubhav you came here today with the 55 years old Anubhav. Archana, Manoj and Anubhav had a nice laughter on it.

Kiku then in usual Arnab Goswami style tells Manoj Bajpayee to speak. Manoj was about to speak but Kiku didn’t let him speak just like Arnab always does to his panelists. It was too much funny and both the guests enjoyed it.

Anubhav asks Kiku Sharda aka fake Arnab Goswami to tell me that when you ask questions do we have to say anything or not. Kuku as Arnab answers to say something that causes a Dhamaka.

Kiku as Arnab asks Krishna Abhishek aka Sapna that what are you doing here, who will ask the questions. Sapna answers your father then with a pause says will not ask.

Kiku Sharda as Arnab asks for water as he is feeling thirsty and Krishna Abhishek as Sapna says that we don’t have water but we have Jug then comes the best part of the entire episode as Kiku Sharda as Arnab Goswami screaming says, ‘Mujhe Jug Do, Jug Do Mujhe, Mujhe Jug Do.’

Kiku as Arnab says I challege you Kapil Sharma, I challenge you where are you. Kapil Sharma makes entry dressed as a Sardar and says, ‘Talvaar Teer Kamaan aur Bhala Bhai Iss Aurat Ne Channel Ko Loot Daala. Kapil attacks Kiku and Kiku in Arnab Goswami style says that a news anchor is being attacked, Jug Do Mujhe Jug Do.

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