Today Kundali Bhagya Episode 20 Sept 2021 Written – Pihu tells Sonakshi to say sorry to Preeta

Bani dadi praises the laddus made by Sarla maa. Kareena says if you want we will give you the money for these laddus because you are in catering business and it requires a lot of hard work to prepare these laddus. Sarla says no we are in-laws and we have a relation after which she forcefully hugged Kareena. Prithvi thinks what a befitting reply Sarla aunty gave to Kareena bua today.

Rishabh takes Kareena to a corner and tells her to be a little bit polite with Sarla. Kareena says she will try. Drug dealers entered in the disguise of a folk band. They made both the guards outside unconscious and entered the Luthra house. Mahesh Luthra confronts them but Karan and Rishabh says there is some technical problem on stage and Mahesh went to see it.

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Preeta along with Kritika, Srishti, Karan and Sonakshi were packing laddu boxes in the kitchen and Karan says to Pihu I don’t like your mother then Pihu says katti. Sonakshi slightly hits Preeta and says to Pihu I hit your mother and Pihu started hitting Sonakshi. Preeta stopped her.

Pihu tells everyone to apologize to Preeta. She then tells Sonakshi to say sorry and Sonakshi with a heavy heart said sorry to Preeta. Sonakshi went outside the kitchen and says she felt like slapping Pihu for hitting her but she needs her as she is her ticket to Karan’s heart.

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