Spy Bahu episode 10 written updates 25 March 2022 – Yohan failed to throw Sejal out of Nanda house

Sejal escapes from coming in Yohan’s sight and Shera offered her a handkerchief to clean her face. Suryakant and Tanhaji contacts Sejal and asks for the status report. Sejal says Lakarbhagga (Yohan) is in front of her eyes but suddenly he gets away. Krish gives Bhaang to Sejal and she drinks it. Krish makes everyone in Nanda family drink bhaang. Sejal started dancing on Jai Jai Shiv Shankar in the drunk state and she started seeing Shalini as Icchadari Billori, Shay as Monkey, Arun as Elephant, and Veera as Peacock.

Sejal gets on stage and she grabs the mic. She says there is no celebrating without Garba. Everyone clapped and Sejal started dancing on Dholira song. Yohan started dancing with Drishti. Yohan in his drunk state bumped with Sejal and both of them started playing after which they fell in tub together.

In the tub filled with water Sejal and Yohan got lost into each other eyes and in the background Lahu Muh Lag Gaya played. Yohan had all the flashbacks about Sejal from their Kashmir trip and he throws her in tub. Yohan asks Sejal how dare you. He grabbed Sejal by her hand and took her away with him.

Whole media clicked Yohan holding Sejal’s hand. After sometime Arun started shouting at Yohan as he felt insulted because of him. Yohan asked Veera who mixed Bhaang in Thandai. Yohan asks Shera how did this girl came here. Shay says what’s the problem if she is your ex. Yohan says she is not my ex.

Yohan tells Nanda family that because of this girl he got arrested in Kashmir. Shera tells Sejal that you can’t get job in this house and Sejal says what about my mission. Shera asks what mission and Sejal says to work in this house. Shera tells Sejal to leave. Sejal requested Yohan, can she stay here at night. Arun allows her to stay there till morning. Sejal smiles seeing Yohan and Yohan gets angry. Sejal says he is a khadoos lakkarbhagga.

Shera shows room to Sejal and she requested him to do something for her job and Shera says good night. Sejal receives a message that she needs to find the connection between Arun Nanda’s company and that IED chip. Arun scolds Shay and Shalini for the missing IED chip.

Sejal went in Yohan’s room and she thought that he is not in the room and she started searching for the IED chip. Sejal started searching Yohan’s cupboard and Yohan came out from the shower. He tells Sejal to stop.

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