Woh To Hai Albelaa episode 12 written updates 29 March 2022 – Chiru slapped Krishna

Sayuri tells Chiru that Krishna is still a student and She is a professor at the college. She says I am worried that I might lose my job because of him and this job is very important for me. Saroj received a phone call from her aunt and she started talking to her. Sayuri says I love you a lot but if he came between us then I will keep on fighting with him and Krishna says yes you are a Ladaku since childhood. Sayuri says in the past Krishna used to create problems and annoy but now he is getting mad day by day. Krishna requested Chiru once again to leave Sayuri or else he will tell about her to mom after which she will throw her out of here and also her postal code will get changed. Chiru slapped Krishna and says don’t you dare speak a single word more. Krishna stares at Sayuri and thinks now I will see you.

Krishna saw Saroj coming and he tells her that Sayuri is fooling Chiru bhaiya and she wants to marry him. Saroj called Sayuri and Chiru after which she grabbed a burning stick and and threatens Chiru to break his relation with Sayuri right now or else she will burn herself. Chiru says I don’t have any relation with her mom. Krishna tells Sayuri that if I clicked your picture now then you will become overnight internet sensation. It turns out that Krishna telling Saroj truth about  Chiru and Sayuri was a dream of Krishna. Sayuri sends a message to Chiru requesting him to meet her at the temple in evening.

An angry Krishna started pouring his anger by playing with a stick and bashing it on the floor. Nakul sees Krishna in anger and he went to Chiru to ask for help. Nakul sees Chiru in anger as Chiru was pouring his anger on a basketball. Chiru says that Sayuri is right we need to take a decision. Krishna says I have made my decision and now I will become a problem for Sayuri.

Saroj tells Dhanraj that it seems like something is not right between these three brothers and Dhanraj says you are worried for no reason. Nakul came and Dhanraj questions him about what happened, Krishna came and says there is nothing like that. Rashmi gave a fruit juice to Nakul and tells him that everything will get alright.

Sayuri lights a diya at the temple and she prays for all three brothers and also for the growth of love between her & Chiru. Krishna was on the bike and he says that bhaiya slapped me in front of her and before that I used to hate Sayuri but now hate is a small word for her.


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