Kundali Bhagya todays episode written updates 29 March 2022 – Karan proposed Preeta by giving her rose

Constable came and he told Prithvi that a lady came to meet him. He thought that this might be Preeta again but constable says that no its some other lady. Prithvi went out to meet Sherlyn  and she hugged him. Prithvi says why are you getting emotional because I’m still alive and Sherlyn says I am worried for you. Prithvi says lets do a exchange offer, you go inside and I will come out. Constable says its not possible. Sherlyn says I’m tensed because Preeta has sent you to jail and now she will send me to jail too. Prithvi says I went to jail because of you. He said I got caught executing your plan because it was you who forced me to steal papers. Prithvi and Sherlyn started fighting inside police station. Sherlyn says you rot here and I’m leaving. Prithvi tells her to never come again.

Janki and Biji gets happy knowing that Prithvi got caught. Biji says that tomorrow is Holi and we will celebrate it with Luthra family. Biji and Janki decided to prepare Gujiya for Mahesh on the occasion of Holi.

Karan came to Preeta and he says that I shouldn’t have talked to you like that because you might have felt bad. Preeta says are you apologizing. Karan says no I am not and then he picked a rose and requested her to take the rose and accept him because he love her a lot. Preeta asks, are you proposing me? Karan took the rose back and says no and then he says I am just like this beautiful rose and just like it has thorns, I have some bad qualities so please accept me with my bad qualities. Preeta takes the rose and says I will consider about your proposal.

Nagre came to meet Prithvi at police station and he says that he can’t grant him bail for 2 days because its night time right now and tomorrow is Holi. Nagre warned Prithvi saying he is worried that Prithvi might not be able to go back to Luthra house in these 2 days because Preeta might find the papers of company shares Prithvi got on his name by fraud. Prithvi says it seems like you are sold out and the he asks Nagre, how much money you took from Preeta? Nagre says even I keep honesty in my dishonesty. He says I won’t get you out now and Prithvi says I don’t need you because I am alone enough for Preeta and Luthra’s.

Pradeep Mishra says you are creating problems for yourself in your anger and Prithvi responds saying I don’t need your advice. Pradeep says it seems like the alcohol I gave you is now effecting your head. Prithvi requested for the alcohol and Pradeep gave it to him. Prithvi drinks the alcohol and warned Pradeep that if he spoke another word then he will break his head with the alcohol bottle.

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